Dumb Questions Amnesty


You could have just said tourists. There’s no reason (and rarely is when talking about other people) to bring their race into it


I absolutely give L Platers a wide berth, plenty of space and additional ‘respect’ on the road.

But whoever was teaching this kid needed to assess the situation and remedy it. There were 20+ cars and motorcycles stuck behind him doing 50 or less in the 80 zones where you can’t pass anymore.

Refused to utilise the slow driver pull out areas.

I get it you have to learn, but don’t put a kid in a situation like that, and if you do, they still should obey the road rules and common etiquette.


Maybe the kid was being trained about how to drive in Perth. 90% of drivers do that here. (The 10% who don’t are from interstate).


Maybe they were Asian?


Why not ?

We do not live in a homogeneous society, no real melting pot with the colour of dark white with a tinge a yellow. Just as tall or short, fat or thin; why can’t black, yellow or white can be used as descriptors.

My experience on the great ocean road is that women Asian drivers are more prone to be driving further to right than needed. Is that being racist or just adding a personal observation ? I do know if they are tourists or not.

Increasingly I get into trouble for habits of a lifetime and seeing Noonan has more lifetime than most, maybe it is the same for him.

I was in an office in San Franscisco with 6 other males and one female. I made a rather bland comment to the young lady about how nice she looked, and she immediately jumped down my throat for treating her different than the others. I then made the mistake of opening up the door for her and letting her pass through, thus confirming that I am a misogynist sexist old white male. Such is life !


European tourists usually have some appreciation of English, and probably have driven before.

Good thing I didn’t say I won’t buy coffee from Asian baristas either. Years of bitter (literally) experience.


Funny, I googled ‘tourist driving on wrong side of road’, and the only incidents I could find where the driver was identified (only looked at first page) were German, “European” and Spanish (think the last incident was in NZ).

That said it makes sense that Asian tourists would be the worst. By far the most common source of our tourists are china and NZ. In NZ, they drive on the left. Next is U.K. Also drive on left. Next is US (far fewer in number than china), where they drive right but read/write English as a first language. The next 5 most common tourists are from various Asian countries - all drive on right. So Noonan’s probably right, based on pure numbers and driving habit/language factors. Those major Asian countries have higher average IQ than Australia, so I’m sure Noonan’s not suggesting anything about intelligence/capacity…


Everyone knows Aussies are dumb ■■■■■.


Did you have to edit a 6 word sentence twice ?
Everyone knows Aussies are dumb ■■■■■.


I love when old people talk about other people being bad drivers.


Eleven out of ten people I see smashed up on the median strip of a three lane, one way, stretch of the Maroondah Highway are in their twenties.


We’ve done Asian, old and young, have we done women drivers yet?


Some cliches are cliches for a reason.

Edit: If I said hoon driver, are you thinking of a white Nanna?
Nonna, maybe.


if we’re talking people going nowhere near the speed limit, I’m thinking old.


Sometghing weird is happening with my posts for som,e reason. Justr about every post is cloinmg up as edited. What happens is - I type pretty fast and inmcredibly badly - so i edit spelling after I write.

I’ll leave the above unedited to showe you what I mean.


Are we talking fat ones or skinny ones?


To be fair, it’s difficult to drive well when you’re making a sandwich.



What is the difference between a flat and an apartment?


I think it is just a mix up of English. An apartment (American English), flat (British English) or unit (Australian English), although we use all three in Australia at times.


So, I’m sure some or many blitzers have a bit to do with sending parcels across the country.

It looks like I’ll have to take my sons laptop home to comlete repairs in it, and then send it back via post or courier to Nathalia.

Which mob would be recomended on price / reliability?

I’ve had star (track?) deliver me a few things at home, they seem to be ok, but I wasn’t footing the bill.

Any suggestions??