Dumb Questions Amnesty


I’ve never had an apartment tyre.


DHL are more expensive, but in my experience, more reliable.

Startrack and now Express Post only compete on price. Ie cheapest sub contractors,highest performance targets, worst conditions.

I have had more issues with Toll than anyone else.
Had their drivers tell me they’re in my office, when they weren’t. Or try and tell me the office is on a different, non-existent, floor of the building.

Ultimately they’re all subcontractors working for a booking service. There’s an element of luck of the draw. None of the drivers get paid enough to care.
But I have found DHL slightly better.


This is not totally entirely true. The StarTrack employees and sub contractors are looked after very well as are the StarTrack couriers.
The post contractors on the other hand do it tough and are often screwed by the principal contractor. Big difference between the two


I’d say a flat and an apartment are pretty much the same, but a unit is usually semi-detached or detached on the same block of land…generally single level, while a townhouse is two-level.


Apartment sounds more ■■■■ elegant.


Go all in and get a condo.



Use of flat may relate to English terming a house as being on more than one level, otherwise a bungalow. A flat would be on a single level in an apartment building. Unit seems to have crept into the language here as an alternative to a flat. Perhaps it has something to do with descriptions of strata titles.


I’d have thought a flat is a separate section of a bigger building, usually multi-storey.
A bungalow is a single storey dwelling on a single title.
A (villa) unit is one of multiple single-storey dwellings on a single title.
An apartment is a swankier version of a flat, as is a condo.
And a duplex is a two-storey apartment.


In Canberra a duplex is a house that shares one common wall with another house


Same, though I reckon ‘apartment’ is now just a more modern way of saying ‘flat’.


And I left out

A townhouse is a multi-storey unit.


See, I’d say pretentious rather than modern. Suspect it’s been picked up from US television and movies.


And elsewhere it refers to a pair that share a ceiling/floor (i.e. two flats).


Though when you think about it - ‘flats’ today are a hellava lot nicer than they used to be 30 years ago.


May have something to do with people expecting more and not accepting less than their expectations.


Can someone please explain to me what the whole drama about that AFLW (Taylor?) photo is? I’m just hearing snippets, had a look at the photo, and don’t understand.


I assume it was grubs on Twitter making sexual allusions to her stance.


This one???

I still don’t understand, to be honest. Is it just idiots? What’s the controversy? All I’m hearing is how people should be banned and whatnot. It’s a great photo, no?

Edit: I’ve just seen one from another angle. Is it because her legs are spread during the kick??? People are being negative because of this??


Not that one… channel 7 posted a photo on their Facebook account … comments got ugly… channel 7 removed the photo … the outrage was that they removed the photo thus ■■■■■■■■ won…

I think it may have been reinstated