Dumb Questions Amnesty


She has incredible agility. Terrific athlete. So…if you photograph the kick from a different guess what? You see her crutch!!! OMFG!!! Some people are unbelievably fuctarded.


It was bottom of the barrel, humanity is de-volving sort of comments made.


They’re amazing photos.



Get a load of these crutches, wankers.


I popped a hamstring, looking at those photos of Tayla Harris. My legs never did stretch like that.


All those pics of Tayla show is a very good athlete with a great kicking action. Great pics.

And she plays the game farking hard. She’s a good ambassador for the women’s game.


Agree, great athletes.

But Does the kicking action need to follow through that high though?

Matty Lloyd had a relaxed kicking action and one of the best goal kickers in the modern era, but not much of a follow through.


Matty Lloyd had a strange bent legged action. If you were teaching someone to kick you would want them kicking like her, not him.


She’s obviously more of a Scott Lucas fan


I’d back Lloyds technique in every day of the week. Second only behind locket says he was pretty handy.


I think you are confusing accuracy in front of goal with kicking technique.


Well, if that’s her field kicking technique I’d be very surprised


It’s a kick from a free kick/mark situation, rather than an on the move situation.
Very similar to this guy, who I would say was a better kick than Lloyd.



Not a left-footer though.


If AFL games are now being telecast in glorious 4K, why do scoring reviews look like they’re running on 56k?


Last night it was a bit jittery, would be very surprised if it were 4k


Because what we’re shown as the score reviews are artificially enlarged images.


It wasn’t. The afternoon PA game was. And ours today isn’t either unfortunately. Apparently the St Kilda game today is.


I’d be just as happy if it were in HD, or did they just skip that.

(I only have free to air)