Dumb Questions Amnesty


Our game is HD.


Have you not retuned for 7HD etc, , … or maybe like me, your older TV can’t recieve the new MPEG-4 format, and you have to add a cheap STB to get it, and therefore HD ??


Can your dinosaur display full HD?


My Dinosaur can’t, … it’s hard enough to get him to display decent manners when we have guests around.

Telly, … ahhh yah mate, … why?


I’ve got the latest Sony.

Thank Fk I was at a bbq all afternoon and didn’t get to watch in glorious 4K.

I think there’s a setting to see what signal I’m getting. At 65 inch I probably only need HD


Nothings in 4K sport related.


I found a dead cat in my yard. Not mine. Not a neighbours. What do I do to dispose it and report it?


Triple-bag it, notify the local vet, take instruction from there.


See if it actually will bounce.

(Then do what Decks said)


Gawd, thought I’d opened the cooking thread!




Fark what a horrible experience. Kitten been delivered to local vet now.

This kitten died cause someone was a farkwit and didn’t look after their pet.

Feeling I’ll and upset.


In what way?
Animal abuse is akin to child abuse.


In a word, neglect.

I know the mother cat. It wonders around day and night when the neighbour isn’t home (and they may not be home for 2 / 3 days sometimes). So we get meowing at night where there are lights on. This cat loves to spend the day on my deck. Only goes back over when the owner is home. I don’t feed it. I’m actually quite allergic to cats.

The cat has had 2 or 3 litters as well as when the cats are young they always hung around that mother cat. Always seem to see 5 / 6 kittens then drops back to 2 or 3 cats.

So this kitten was found just behind the gas meter. So i’m assuming it found a warm spot to sleep and it was poisoned. The vet checked and there was no microchip.

I’m sure the owner of the mother cat doesn’t care. The dead kitten could’ve been there for a week.


What bastards.
If you were inclined to, it may be worth reporting to your council.


I spoke to the vet about the circumstances. They actually took down details so hopefully it will be passed on.


In this way, most violent men/women I worked with in jails, all practiced on animals first and then gravitated to adults and children.


This happened to me a while back.

I called up the council to see if they could come around and check if it had a identity chip. Instead they just told me that if it was dead, that it was my responsibility to dispose of it as it was on my property. I argued back that I didn’t care about how it was disposed, I wanted to get it scanned in case it was someones beloved pet and they had no idea it was gone. The solution that they eventually came too, was to get me to put it out on the front nature strip and the rangers would come and get it at some unspecified time in the near future. So I ended up having to wrap a dead cat in garbage bags and leave it out the front of our house, where children from the school a few doors up go past everyday and the neighbours kids play all the time, until someone showed up to collect it at some random time.

The thing is, if it was still alive they would have sent someone around to collect it straight away. In hindsight I would have been better off telling them it was dying and claiming it just died before they got there. It’s ■■■■■■■ bureaucratic nonsense.


We are so farkin barbaric when it comes to these things. If it doesn’t equate to a vote, no one gives a flying fark.,


The throw away society.

Family goes away on holidays leaves the dog in the backyard with a bucket of water and some dry food and they are gone for three weeks. If the dog is dead they just get another one. If the dog howls and cries the neighbours complain and call the council. The Council leave it there until the owners return and give them a warning. What’s the point of warning someone who couldn’t not give a rat’s. No one gives a damn. What have we become?