Dumb Questions Amnesty


Any Blitzer been an audience member @ front bar? game day? Margarook? Any other footy show? What was it like? Did they feed ya? Free drinks? Told to sit and shut up or chat with panel between takes?


Because AFL is an all inclusive sport.


Potatoes that you hit that have dirt still on them.

WTF is up with that?
Why would these ever be a better option over, I dunno, ones without dirt?



might be an old wives tale, but I thought unwashed potatoes lasted longer.


Cheaper. That’s about it. They are not softer on the environment, since mass-processing (washing) would be more efficient than washing your purchase at home.


Yup, … brushed do store better.

And I always buy the brushed because they are usually Sebago’s and locally grown in Vic (Thorpdale / Koo Wee Rup etc) in actual rich red dirt, while washed normally come from sandy soil grown lots in Sth Aus, are usually not a good roasting variety, and have less flavour because of the sandy loam they grow them in, IMO.


You’ve thought about this a lot, haven’t you? :thinking:


Now that I think about it, the washed varieties seem to be smaller, too.


I’m an extremely thoughtful person.




I’ve been thinking of nominating myself for the International Humanitarian Award.


For anyone that’s played footy down Colac and Distrixt way (Parish country). You can literally pick up potatoes out of the centre wicket area on a couple of the footy grounds down that way. Alvie and Pirron Yallock from memory.


Yeah…good spuds in the south-west. And usually unwashed, unless you buy them at the supermarket.



Has Linus had Asperger’s all this time and I’ve only just noticed?


Election day. Can I go in, tick my name off the electoral roll and walk out without touching a ballot paper?


That is a crime but yes. Attendance is checked, votes are not. And it’s less of a waste of everyone’s time than doing an informal.

you can also do it at pre polling.


They draw the line through your name before handing you the papers, so…

Just don’t be an grandstander about it.


They’ll probably have a helper there to make sure you know the difference between white and green.
Could be a bit awks if you don’t have anything.

If you’re going to the booth anyway you could write a Jon vs Dany table on it.


They don’t really give a stuff from my experience.

My old man ran the local polling station for about a decade, spent a few friday nights putting together the cardboard urinal stalls when I was in primary school.