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Yeah they have chased and fined a few people.
Not all that smart to make noise about breaking the law.


Just get the Ballots, …scrawl FARK THE AFL across one, and FARK CARLTON on the other, and pop them in the boxes.

Job done, no fine, and you’ve gotten a little something out of it for your trouble. :+1:


Ok, pleb question.

My wife and I have silver membership and I’d like to bring my daughter to the FCFC game, but she’s not a member. What are my options/what is the best option?


Are there often spare seats next to your reserved seats? If so, get her a GA ticket, all go into the ground, you and your wife go to your reserved seats, then you go out with your wifes card and get your daughter into the reserved area as well.

Otherwise, just all go and sit in GA!


You’re welcome to use our tickets for the Carlton game.


Ya sneaky little bugger, @koala.


That’s a very generous offer thank you. However i think I’ll try Koala’s trickery.


What’s EFA


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Is the increase in numbers of people getting the flu related to flu vaccinations?

Are we creating a super flu? So every year it gets worse?


Spanish Flu (1918, took out about 4% of the world’s population) says hi.

I’m not medical, but I gather the way it works is that vaccines prevent infection (not perfectly). This means (so far as the vaccine works) there is no bug in someone’s system that can mutate into a strain more resistant to anti-biotics, and propagate. Anti-biotics on the other hand try and kill the bugs and so preferentially select resistant mutations of the bugs. Anti-biotics (and the selection of superbugs) of only work on bugs susceptible to anti-biotics, which doesn’t include viruses.

The more infected people, the more anti-biotics are used, the more selection of resistant bugs.

They say even virus vaccination prevents use of anti-biotics because people weakened by viruses more often get secondary infections that do get countered by anti-biotics.

If you want less superbugs to be about, get vaccinated.


This is a little before my time, but I feel like in the 70s when people travelled overseas they used to get a dozen or more shots.

We don’t do that anymore.

Or have I just imagined that?


Certainly for exotic lands.

I had a smallpox jab when I went to England in 1978. A lab technician had infected herself the year before and there were fears.


Don’t know the story of that lab tech. But smallpox was pretty much eradicated by 1978. Certainly it had been eradicated in England and Europe.

@wimmera1 eradication programs along with improved public health and sanitation in many countries has reduced disease risk for most [sensible] tourists.

Ironically, there is greater risk in USA and other “sophisticated” countries due to anti-vaxxers creating a reservoir for previously suppressed viral diseases.


I still know people who get a stack of shots before travelling.
To this day I’ve still never had a shot that wasn’t compulsory despite spending a fair bit of time OS each year


I find this all very confusing.


Which bit?


That NO thread is now immune to the Travel brag anymore??


:fu: :rofl:


The Eastern Malawians would never be as rude as you, Sir.