Dumb Questions Amnesty


Check it out. I believe that one case in England - Midlands - Birmingham was 1977. She died.

Edit…September 1978. Suspected that they were working on pox pathogens in the building and it may have escaped through ducting (ironically how penicillin came to be discovered).

The woman’s parents both contracted it. Mother recovered but father died of a heart attack without a post mortem being conducted because of fears it could possibly allow smallpox to spread.

The head of the microbiology lab killed himself while in quarantine, saying he’d put everyone at risk.


That everyone used to get lots and lots of shots to travel and now no-one does except some do.


Bit more targeted these days.



And I don’t think that’s even a thing for viruses?

However I do believe the flu jab only treats you for a selection of last year’s versions which went around. If a new one’s mutated or been brought in since then, the jab doesn’t do much for ya.


You cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine. This is a myth that just won’t die.


Yeah that’s not the question.

The question is are we creating a super flu by getting vaccinated.

The amount of Flu cases has gone through the roof since the flu shot was introduced.


It evolves, regardless. An arms race.


Why dont we stop racing then?


Because we don’t decide what virii do. We can only strive to keep ahead of them.


The short answer is “no”.

The vaccination doesn’t work that way. It makes the body’s immune system prepare itself in case it does get the flu.


Is it Recycle Bins night tonight?? :thinking:


No, it’s next Wednesday.


No, it’s Thursday.


It’s Friday week.


Was yesterday


Do I put the bin out even tho its empty ?


Green bin on Monday. I don’t know what you lot are on about.


All the bins are green.

It’s just the lids that have different colours.

edit: Well, the green bin is all green, but the lid is a lighter green than the bin.

And they all have black wheels.


Course you do. What are your lazy neighbours going to do if your bin is not out?


Yeah great point. Totally wrong, though.

Spanish flu of 1918.

500 million cases worldwide. Est 50-100 million deaths. Of a world population of about 1.8 billion