Dumb Questions Amnesty


Is the Amnesty for asking dumb questions on this forum certified by Amnesty International?


except for our blue recycling bins



This is too much for my brain to handle. Too many differences…

cannot compute…cannot compute…cannot compute…


green waste, recycling (co-mingled), household waste


Mind blown again. Who is making money designing all these different bins?

My bins are all dark green, except for the lids. Red lid for general rubbish, and it’s the size of that blue bin.
The recycle bin has a yellow lid, and garden / organics bin has a lighter green lid, both large size bins.

I think we need some sort of excel graph or some such. (actually, don’t…lol…


I’m guessing it makes it a lot clearer to distinguish the recycling bin from the household waste.

I’m still trying to understand why they don’t paint the boundary line in the World Cup cricket.


Allow recycling to go in the household waste and problem solved. China’s no longer accepting our waste so it’s all probably going to the same place. Except for the waste being regularly burned at enormous depots in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

As for the boundary line, what colour should it be painted? Yellow? Red? Light green? Blue?

Will this cause confusion for the fielders?


let’s go with white and see if tradition holds up


Britain cant even organise a Brexit for themselves. How on earth can they decide on how to mark a cricket boundary??


They failed their Line In The Sand Grass challenge.


Cricket in England is really just an excuse for cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches! Besides, where is the committee?


If I put my broken cycle in the recycling bin, how long does it take them to fix it and return it to me?


That’s a wheely good question.


If it’s a town bike, you’re probably already too late.


Same here. We also get a small benchtop organics bin, where all organic foodstuff is packed into a biodegradable bag and dumped in the big green bin.


We throw our veggie kitchen waste into a compost bin.


I have one of those bench top organics bins also, it’s buff with a white lid. I’m assuming everyone else’s is different.
edit: oh, and it has a white handle. The lid is detachable for easy cleaning.


Dead cat bounces. BB has mentioned this term a lot recently.

Has anybody ever seen a dead cat bounce??




That’s a reasonable likeness of me. Minus the beard and mo’. And the white hair. Make it a “zero” clip.