Dumb Questions Amnesty


It’s one of the questions on my housesitting checklist - what colour lid for which type of bin. Changes like crazy from house to house!


What was the name of the old online mp3 player?
Not a file-sharing site like napster or limewire, just a player.
It’s driving me crazy.
Looked kind of like an 80/90s ghetto-blaster on your screen.




You rock.
Thank you.


Beat me to it.

Have used it for 15 years & still do. Best of the lot.

In the Classic Black interface, … always.


And always configed thus.


I’ve always wondered why the Australian womens cricket team play for the Ashes and not some other trophy named after Australian/English former greats


While I can see what you’re saying about The Ashes, I think that’s a smaller problem than the one you’re proposing.


Yeah maybe. Just seems strange that the Women want their own national identity and then go and use the “Ashes” which is the most prestigious trophy in men’s cricket.



It really whips the llama’s ■■■


Why is a television called a telly and not a vision whereas a telephone is called a phone and not a telly?


‘tele’ has nothing to do with vision - but with long-range transmitting. So ‘television’ - transmitting vision.
‘Telephone’ comes from ‘transmitting sound’ - ‘phon’ being sound.

If colloquialisms were consistent, it would be ‘Viddy’, & ‘Phoney’.


There’s always one who spoils things with pesky facts …


Viddy well, little brother.


All those people that you see with Gucci/Louis Vuitton bags and such, what proportion of those are actually legit brand bags?

And who would strut around with a fake one knowing that it’s fake?


I would estimate 20% are legit at best.
And it’s probably the same people that go to Bali and buy 10x pairs of genuine sunnies for $8 :joy:


My cousin buys knock-off products. His philosophy is, it helps feed strugglers, and denies the multi-nationals. So he gets these fake watches and caps and other stuff from Bali or wherever.


You’d be surprised, in my experience

My sister in law used to be into all that ■■■■, leaving a trail of maxed out credit cards behind her.
Some of the AAA grade knock offs are almost indiscernible from the legit.

Problem is (unless you’re worth $10M), you’re too worried to really use or wear whatever it is.
She always got a good knock off to use day to day, and the legit ones for Friday/Saturday night.


I remember buying a heap of fake versace, gucci, burberry t-shirts in bangkok a few years ago. We stopped over in Singapore on the way home and l wore them into all their shops in Orchard road just wanting someone to say something, but not a peep. Always wondered if they really couldn’t tell or if they couldn’t be bothered with me.


How sick of being asked if they’re okay would people named Annie be by now?


On a related note, all the people who live next door to an Alice, have had great mileage over the years