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Are you as tall when walking vs standing still?

Sounds like a question for one of those “adult sites”

We’ve just passed the winter solstice, which marks the shortest day. Hip hip hooray!

For me, this means I keep checking the sun rise and sun set times, to see how much longer the days are getting.

When I check in the BOM site, we seem to get more extra minutes of sunshine in the PM (sunset time gets later) and less additional minutes in the AM (sunrise time doesnt seem to change as much)

I would have thought for every additional amount of extra sunlight you get, it would be distributed evenly in the AM and the PM.

Is it just that our approach to time is pretty arbitrary, or is there some reason why the day is longer at the end Vs the beginning?

My missus made the same point the other day. I think it’s because the earth’s orbit and tilt are a bit imperfect. Not random/unpredictable, but not exactly circular and with the varying tilt on an exact angle to the orbit. It’s all slightly woozy (but able to be predicted exactly).

My question would be what makes the earth tilt oscillate (which gives us our seasons)? What force slows the tilt and brings it back the other way?

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For brief moments.

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Made me think of this!

I had this in mind


I ended up finding an answer that made sense.

If we used a sundial, 12noon would always be the exact midpoint of the day. But we don’t. So there’s about 30 minutes difference between our times midday and the sundial midday (15 minutes either side at each solstice)

In days of yore, before standardised time zones, noon in each town was when each town’s sundial said so. And the thing that caused time zones to be standardised…train timetables.


I got a tricky situation that I need some advice on.

About 4 years ago a mate and I had a falling out. It wasn’t over anything major. We were just incompatible as housemates. I was more than happy to make peace shortly after I moved out but he wasn’t on the same page. In fact, despite a few attempts at trying to get on better terms, to this day he still doesn’t want to talk to me.

As we are all from the same small country town, we share the same social circle that goes back decades so there’s no real way around it. It makes social situations awkward as ■■■■ and not just for me but for others as well. The other boys have tried to talk sense to him and defended me but to no avail. The whole social circle, men and women, aren’t the types to pick and choose but they all unanimously agree that I’m the one that has always been reasonable and mature and that he’s being a total dickh**d about it all.

It’s almost at the point where I’d rather not go to social gatherings but I won’t let it get to that. Still though, it’s a terrible situation and I feel as if I have no recourse.

Happy to consider any reasonable thoughts or ideas. Thanks, blitz. ■■■■ Carlton.

Fix it.
Look at the larger picture.
Your comfort around your mates is more important than a point that no-one cares about except the other party.

Sun Tzu said, give your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.
Give them an out that lets them save face and think they were right.
It’s obvious that your other friends already know what’s what.

I’ve messaged him telling him that I’m sorry for what I did wrong and I’ve forgiven him for what he’d done wrong last September. No response. And given that everyone else that lived with him said that there’s no way they could live with him again, it’s far more generosity than he deserves.

Then it sounds like an apology and forgiveness isn’t what he needs.
I guess you need to find out what he does need.

Maybe he needs to be told to not be a ■■■■ and come out for a beer with you, I don’t know. Men are weird.

Maybe he needs a mutual mate to tell him to stop being a ■■■■ and come out for a beer with the both of you.

Hard to know what to do if he doesn’t want to talk.

Edit: but…again, it’s not about what he deserves. It’s about you being comfortable with your set.

He’s always been a bit different. He’s a grudge holder. Very cynical. Deeply insecure about his being a diabetic (as absurd as that sounds).

He’s had a few mutual mates tell him to stop being a wanker about it on more than one occasion and there is no way in hell he’d agree to a beer in a group of 3 if I was one of the 3.

I had a similar experience over 30 years ago with one of my closest friends. Had known him since primary school. The whole group of ten blokes had been close and went away weekends to country places with Wives and kids all together, but our dispute seemed irreconcilable and affected everyone.

We were given an ultimatum by the women in the group to sort it out or both of us were not welcome, although wives and kids were.

So we went to the a boxing club in Preston and duked it out. Gloves, head-gear the whole lot, supervised by a professional trainer.

We punched the crap out of each other and for three rounds, but it settled all our differences. My face hurt for weeks.


An ‘intervention’ may help. You, he, and a few good mates of both. Go to the pub. Hash it out. Serves one of two purposes - either it gets washed out and over with, or, everyone knows one you is a farkwit and move on. If you happen upon each other at socials, just be civil. If ex-partners can do it, so can you two.

I’ve been in a similar situation in the past, very identical story actually! I have just excepted it for what it is now. We aren’t close anymore and likely to never be again. We will have a beer with our group of mates every few months when we catch up, have a chat, ask the generic questions…how are ya mate, how’s work etc! But its not the same.

Put your energy into family, friends, work. Reconciliation is a 2 way street! It obviously bothers you enough to write a post, but put your energy into things you can control :+1:

Good luck.

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This is an excellent idea. The concept of upsetting the wags of the social circle will hold more sway than any impact it’s having on the boys. Even then though, it’s a bit of a long shot. We’re talking about a bloke that is not just petty and stubborn but especially so. Also, I’d hate to bring the ladies of the group into it.

I would get completely annihilated. Knocked out inside 30 seconds. Not a bad idea if I thought it would work; short term pain long term gain and all that but there’s every chance he’d feel the same way afterwards.

He has absolutely no interest in hashing it out. Everyone in the social circle knows our falling out was much more his fault than mine. They also know that I’ve extended the olive branch more than once. They know I’ve shown him more generosity than he deserves and he’s shown me less than I deserve. A few of the boys have ‘gone into bat’ for me and tried to sway him but to no avail.

What’s your definition of ‘civil?’ He flatly won’t talk to me. At all. The closest he came on the weekend was when there was me, him and a mutual friend standing in close proximity. The friend said ‘so you two still aren’t talking?’ and he said ‘nah, not really’ and walked off. Not sure if that constitutes uncivil but it’s d**k behaviour.

That’s far more amicable than what our situation is. Bothers me enough to post about it but the sad reality is it’s a situation that I will just have to cope with (which I’d rather not but can).