EFC clothing discussions (2019 onwards)


Not that I realised I had any in the first place.

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Hurry up and disappoint us so we can move on

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Thanks for alerting me to the Footyjumpers.com podcast. I’ve started listening.
It’s pretty interesting, but when Lochie says, “That’s interesting”, he sounds like he is the most disinterested person ever. Sounds half asleep most of the time.

@Mero is good though. :+1:


Pronouns heathen.

Dutton Automotive.

Not Peter Dutton I hope.

Got to say the new polo looks very nice!

Clearly it’s an iron on transfer of the Fujitsu logo for the draft, but if that’s what it will look like, black logo on red sash, it looks great to me!


If people complain about that, they simply can’t be pleased. Unless they actually decide that not have a major sponsor at all is a great thing…

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If only they got rid of that AFL logo


Where is Dutton automotive?

Probably on the back? (or will be at least)

Would look much better, and be at least as legible, without the black box…


We could have finally made a decent clash jumper and done something good by being the first club to wear an indigenous jumper with regularity, but nah, we’ve been beaten to it by ■■■■■■■ Gold Coast.


What do you do during indigenous round and how do you differentiate it given the importance of the day (long walk events, etc)?
Same deal with Anzac Day.
Both of those tops are specific to that day and should remain so to reflect the importance of the day.



The red piping can also FRO!


You release the new one each indigenous round and tell the story about it during that week. Pretty simple.

And for us it would be just the clash jumper. Every home Dreamtime game can be a new design.

There are different sponsors for those jumpers. Which are likely to change between dreamtime games. So for the games leading up to the dreamtime game, they’d need to be redone (sometimes through a different jumper manufacturer (Reebok or Under Armour).
What started off as a simple premise now means you’re creating more junk just to begin the cycle of jumper change at Dreamtime instead of at the start of the season.

Gold Coast don’t need to worry about it, because they don’t have a marquee dreamtime game.
I think keep those jumpers to those special days as a once off. It’s bad enough those jumpers are used the following week because teams want the chance to host a home game in honour of the occasion.

Do something else with the clash jumper.

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