EFC v Adelaide Rd 1 - 12 days on, match day thread


He also said Gleeson had a rolled ankle.

More like rolled down Mt.Bulla.


Worried about this game. Reckon their midfield will cut us to ribbons and think our defence is very suspect at times. Can see us losing by 4-5 goals


For mine, burn em with pace:

McGrath Hurley Saad
Ambrose Goddard McKenna
Parish Zaharakis Myers
Stewart Daniher Stringer
Smith Hooker Walla
Bellcho Heppel Zerret
Baguley Green Begley Long
Emg: Langford Brown McKernan Hartley


Was at last game, ended up being impressed by Adelaide’s precision kicking through our players and just felt they were a class above. If we can not let them get easy uncontested disposals we’ll go a long way to winning. Also recall we had a big out that game but can’t remember who. We mounted a slight comeback as well if I remember correctly.






Really need numbers back in the forward line - crowd it up, just like so many sides have done against us previously. Crowd up Betts, and congest the ‘airspace’ in their forward 60-70. Get them on the counterattack. Give Adelaide too much space in the forward line and for many it will be off to Southern Cross to get the earlier train. Without Gleeson’s ‘intercept’, surely they have to entertain putting Hooker back there to do exactly that. Wasn’t he the AFL’s leading intercept mark back in '14 or '15?


So you want to play on the Crows terms?
They got pantsed in the Grand final, not by crowding the backline, but by harassing their mids and half backs into poor delivery.
Few of their tall forwards are good at chasing.
They are also very much confidence based ( to put it politely)
When things didn’t start well in the GF more bundles were dropped and fingers pointed than … ( insert demeaning metaphor here)

Pressure, contested footy, and maintaining a threatening forward line on our behalf is the obvious key.


Things did start well for them in the GF. They were well on top.

Then Richmond started to pick up some free kicks, and Adelaide never recovered.

Needless to say, we cannot rely on the free kick part giving us back the momentum.


The last 2 premiers were heavily aided by the umps, almost like they wanted them to win.


This is a very winnable game. Sure Adelaide made the Grand Final last year, but they were suspect all year away from home and I wasn’t at all surprised that Richmond took them apart. And then Port took them apart this weekend.

As always, the key will be pressure all over the ground. No team likes continuous pressure, and Adelaide like it less than many.

I’ll be at Docklands expecting us to come out firing and keep on firing till the final siren. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t win, and very disappointed if the reason we don’t win is that we didn’t go hard enough at them.


Will Adelaide do an Eagles post 2015 GF where they were strong at home but struggled a bit away? Mind you they were unlucky winning 16 H&A and finishing 6th on the ladder!

Interesting to note the previous 3 seasons they finished with 13, 16 and 15 wins so they’ve been consistent. Essendon will need to bring the heat/pace to get over the line. Not as bullish about the result as I was in ‘17

Go Bombers!


Speculation in Sun saying Fogarty to replace Walker, and Doedee to come in for Lever.


ED SHEERAN may have wowed a quarter of a million Melburnians last week, but his four mega concerts have done no favours for the surface at Etihad Stadium.

Ground staff are in a race to replace 4000 square metres of turf to have the oval ready for the season’s first premiership game on Friday week between Essendon and Adelaide.

Most of the work is being done at the Coventry end of the venue, where the stage was in place for the concert series which ran for four consecutive nights, ending last Sunday.

“Following Ed Sheeran’s incredible record-breaking series of four concerts at Etihad Stadium, we will be replacing approximately 4000 sq m of turf, with works already underway,” Etihad Stadium chief executive Michael Green confirmed to AFL.com.au.

The AFL-owned Docklands venue will host two games in the opening round of the season, beginning with the Bombers-Crows Friday night clash followed by a Saturday twilight contest between St Kilda and Brisbane.

Stadium management has assured clubs the arena will be ready to go.

“The turf will be in great shape and ready for round one,” Green said.


Damn I was just about to post my own photo, here for other reasons.


ha - well I just updated it for accuracy.


If they do play Fogarty, Lynch, Jenkins and McGovern we’re definitely going to have to play one of brown or Hartley


Crows officials very concerned about the state of the turf at Etihad, still a chance of a venue change.



That would be some ballsup. Has to be a better way of doing these concerts without ruining turf everytime.


Yeah right. It’ll be at Etihad. Every time this gets spoken of, never happens