EFC Website


The logo and Dodoro are about the only things we haven’t changed.


Yet there is a thread about it on this site and I’m the one who brings it up


Nino, we should change our logo to this


change the drop of blood with a footy :joy:


Just don’t let Josh Green near the club


Exactly, it’s in the other thread.


How about no.

Why are they called the Bombers, but have a mosquito as a mascot anyway? Bunch of wannabes.


Has it got ladies boobs on it


Yes, Trent Mynott is the only player without a player bio and he has been on the list since 2017.

A lot of us want to support players by the token gesture of sponsoring them, and not wanting players to feel left out, the least the club can do is write a paragraph about him and make sure it gets put up.


Why does it have a nu.tsack?

(N.utsack is censored!!!)


That nu.tsack reference reminds me of this


I believe that is an ice hockey puck.


Thanks to @Bomb_Doe , it does seem to work, I did tweet him about Trent, and he has responded as above.


Marc’s a champion.


Just sent him a tweet about captioning the Heppell video. Here’s hoping he gets onto it.


I would add the small point about not winning finals and all. But I will promise to keep to this fact not downlow. Sshhh


yep. I’ve been very pleased. He actually contacted when they did the recent update to the player bios. Just to let me know.

If they can work out a method around the clunkiness of going through Telstra it should make their jobs easier.


Honestly some supporters must feel so entitled. The content offered on the website is excellent IMO.


I do that gag based on that movie whenever a plane goes over and people react exactly the same way Martin and chase do.

It’s the only joke I can ever remember.


Entitled because they want basic profiles to be updated from over 2 years ago?