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I don’t see it as entitled.
I see it as making a quality assessment.

I’m not in any way owed a site that has the current roster of players and coaches, but I’m not gonna say it’s good if it doesn’t.


Then you’re an idiot and need to join the 21st century.

Look at any other major sporting club, business or corporation and tell me how many of them have outdated or broken links? Does McDonald still use the Happy Meal promo from 1998?

No, it’s called quality control and maintaining standards, and without it it makes one of the biggest clubs in the land look amateurish.


Just wanna say I think Essendon’s twitter feed is excellent.




Still on Twitter?
I thought Snapchat was the go for all you young movers and shakers.

(Also no record of potentially libellous comments re Sydney players as well)


It’s all about Whatsapp now.



Yeh righteo mate- hang in there during these difficult times we are living through.


I personally love when the club continues to be amateur hour 101, remember how not being professional and up to industry standards went in the late 00s to early 10s?


No, please tell us


we left our heartland for tullamarine. as industrial as it comes.


So please explain how we could have stayed in this “heartland” and still had leading edge facilities, and space to grow further?


I love Windy Hill and enjoy watching the VFL there just as much as the bombers at the G but we had to move.

Our facilities were holding us back.

I will be shattered though if the day comes that we have no VFL at Windy Hill.


Strong-armed the bowls club :smiley:


I really don’t see how we didn’t have the space at Windy Hill…

Rapt with what we have, but still.


The grounds are comparable.
But what’s in the big shed and the main building at Tullamarine couldn’t fit under the current Windy Hill grandstands.

For memory there was the EDFL offices, the gymnasium, the pool, the bomber shop, the TAB / bistro / pub area, the Hall of Fame storage, administration offices some small areas for players to run around in and then the coaches offices. And that’s not including the Bowls area which we couldn’t go anywhere near.

I think there’s some space under the Cookson stand, but it’s full of asbestos so renovation works were costly and there were restrictions with it.
Windy Hill was great for the club and players when there were very few support staff up to the late 90s. Now that there are more coaches, a hell of a lot more fitness and conditioning staff, etc. the club outgrew the facilities.

In the end, the Tullamarine precinct allows for any further growth to be easily added, rather than trying to cram them into the same ground.

Events like Family Day should be held at Windy Hill though. Not sure if they still have them there.



Still laugh every time I see that t-shirt.


I thought there was space of the bowls club would move, which they wouldn’t?


No excuse for not updating those toilets at Windy Hill though.

Enter at own risk.


My idea was to leave them where they were, … just a story or 2 higher, and the Pool Gym Cafe etc underneath.

And a covered over street walkway between club and an over the car park facility of X stories on the opposite corner, … but my email to the Club was way too late apparently.