Electric Motor Vehicles

I’m not saying to lock anyone out. I just think the trend is moving quickly, and a solution that works for the now, might not suit tomorrow.

For example, having standardised batteries that you swap at a servo. Can you imagine how much infrastructure that would need? The thing weighs about 500Kg. Different cars have different sized ones and cars are designed with that weight in mind. (For example)


Theres not going to be swap and go batteries.

England has i think a target of 300k public electric chargers by 2030.

Yeah, it’s about 4000 AAAs.

More like 100,000 in a metric ton.

Saw a blue EV6 turning into a house on the golf course road yesterday, and mentioned it on the Facebook post of the guy who had posted about chargers down here.

Anyhow, I was having breakfast with friends in a cafe in the main street this morning and on leaving, some bloke accosted me saying he knew me from the 80s. He didn’t but he’d obviously looked through Facebook and it was Mr and Mrs EV6. He’d had his since April ‘22 and already suffered the early adopter curse of having it in for replacement of the main unit for 2 months. Lack of replacement parts.

Thank god finally some sense in nsw

More EV chargers instead of subsidizing expensive cars for those who can already afford it.

Everyone wins. Proper government.

My only criticism is if its like current ev charging policy i think from the feds? On subsidising apartments is that it’s basically new apartments.

So property developer kickbacks for them to make more attractive apartments (which they should be doing already) or for retrofitting large blocks with a large min spend.

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If they’re going to do thisX then they need to proper invest in spare parts, maintenance and some measure to ensure they’re not damaged by vandals.

Today I went to ikea, thought I’d top up a bit while I shop. But none of the chargers are working. Last time I was here 2/4 weren’t working. I didn’t need the e- but of curiosity I range the company to see what happens, and could they kick start it from remote.

‘Oh, these ones have been out for a month or so. Not sure when they’ll be fixed’. Doesn’t I’m still great confidence in the supplier or the technology.

I still believe that home charging (where possible) is the preferred option for the successful transition of most people to EV.


The NSW property developer government is only funding chargers in new and existing areas zoned for high density development.

Im not sure thats well thought out. It will just encourage more traffic into high traffic areas.

The smartest move I reckon would be to just look at existing carparks where people already congregate en masse.

Westfields, Council Commuter etc.

Heck its easy as in a mall carpark, they can build the cost of the chargers into the price of the parking after 2 hours.

And those areas come with CCTV surveillance and registration plate recognition already. They are setup as the petrol station of the future.

What sort of chargers are you thinking?


It makes a huge difference to who you attract and the usability/viability of them.

Communal car ownership is the only way electric vehicles work imo

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The nsw govt are subsidising councils to put in 350kwh(x2) and 50/20kwh charges(x4) at sites that are zoned for new high density living only.

Id go high capacity only and if ramp them up at malls.

Its got to be a 2 hour plus stay and charge up a car in that period.

Companies like Westfield,Hoyts should be all over slathering their sites with chargers and the govt should be helping them.

Outside Apartment blocks on public streets is a bad idea. Imagine the traffic carnage

Mine works fine.

your grand kids might be around to see electric vehicles being viable for the average punter and not a boomer that got lucky?

Just talking to colleague who got the Volvo XC40, test drove the electric version and loved it, but $10,000 more, however now wishing they had got the EV instead of the petrol.


How the fark did I get lucky?

Harder you work, luckier you get. And I am very naturally gifted


I think I admire your modesty the most.

Love my XC40 twin.

Not sure on cost and infrastructure, but I think they need to put in 350kw chargers. Even though there are limitations on the current beheld how much they can take in.

There’s actually quite a few 7kw ones that are free to use, but you have to stay there for a few hours to make it worth while, which blocks the charger from another person. I feel they’re already obsolete. So having a 22 kw charger would theoretically triple the usage.

Yeah but if you pop chargers in a timed space like a car park you could choose the right voltage Im guessing.

Like I spend 50 dollars at Westfield and get my recharge for free sort of thing. (Or at the flicks etc)

Totally doable.

I believe the 350kw chargers cost in excess of $100k.

50kw chargers should be sufficient for most services. You only see 350kw chargers at genuine commercial charging stations.