Electric Motor Vehicles

When I was in Sydney, there were free charging station at the nearby Tramsheds shopping centre.

Supposed to be 22kw, but there were 4 chargers sharing that 22kw station. I was only getting 7kw.

2 Tesla chargers, 2 Level 2 chargers.

See what you’re saying, and don’t disagree with you. But I kinda feel it should be like for petrol cars. In convenient places close to roads where you fill up quickly and go.

Driving to a shopping centre to find the chargers broken or occupied is a hassle. Today I had to ask them to waive the parking fee because I spent 20 minutes on the phone to try to get the charger fixed.

Had the charger worked I’d have spent money in the stores, got my car charged and parking validated. Instead I just went home and charged the car while WFH.

Yeah well not working chargers is another thing.