English Premier League 2018/19


Sounds all Wilsherish to me.


Even after they redeveloped that historic main stand it still looks proper.

Love the grounds that keep 4 stands not souless bowls.


That said if there are no corner stands I reckon the grounds look a bit poxy.

I really love stadium architecture and capacities etc.


You bagging Highbury brah??


I guess I sort of am. I am ok with “souless bowls” because I believe clubs need to have high attendances although now we see the increased tv revenue attendance is not such a huge factor in club finance. There is something about the old grounds though.

I read somewhere about how cutting edge one of the VIlla Park stands was at it’s time of building (perhaps the Ellis Stand?) where the roof was made and supported in a way that had little to no reduced vision for patrons in there. I think it may have been built mid 30’s.

I don’t know how games go with tv audience + attendees on a Monday night game compared to any timeslot on a Saturday or a lunch time kickoff on a Sunday. My suspicion is that Mondays are the least attended and maybe mid level tv audience of the times I nominated.

EDIT: Whatever the case the memories and the history of some of those old grounds like Highbury are not going to overtaken by the newer stadiums any time soon. I guess we can look no further than Essendon’s two home grounds. One is (IMHO) the greatest stadium in the world and the other is the one where we play most of our games.


Disappointing match from the Devils.

Had the feeling it wasn’t our night after the 1st 10 minutes with the 2 missed chances by inches, Lukas off the top bar, then Rash’s off the side. Then De Gea did something you’ll likely never see him do again, and I just knew.

PSG win hangover I reckon. That would have been an enormous high to come down from.

Expect them to be back to their previous form in coming weeks.


It was probably the old Trinity stand which had a brilliant marble mosaic of the lion rampant and club name with ornate style stained glass windows to boot. The marble itself nearly sent the club broke. Villa fans don’t refer to the self-named Doug Ellis stand as such, it’s the Witton Lane stand and doesn’t have great facilities. Another thing about Villa Park is that until the 70’s had the biggest kop in Europe, the Holte End housed around 30,000 punters. The bloke who designed the Trinity was named Archibald Leitch, he designed loads of brilliant stands and stadia (Everton, Rangers, Arsenal loads more) with his signature gables. The old Trinity is no longer (knocked down by order of Doug Ellis) which upset a lot of people which makes me jealous of Fulham and their odd looking cottage and retained tradition. It was possibly a necessity but I still think it’s a shame Highbury and especially Boleyn Ground are no longer.

Went to Griffin Park, Brentford and absolutely loved it. Absolute tin pot ■■■■■■■ of a place but you can stand, it had a pub on each corner, it’s partially obscured from the road by housing it also had a similar type of charm which made me yearn for the Windy Hill days again. Apparently Luton’s dump Kenilworth Rd at one end you have to pass through turnstiles under housing and once in, pass through stairways looking directly into neughbours back yards. I guess it ain’t all about top notch facilities.



Looking at the draw Arsenal will be grab a spot and possibly Chelsea. I think we are pushing the proverbial uphill from here


Certainly some intrigue there. You think Spurs will make it but they’ve dropped points regularly over the past month. Arsenal seem to be finding some rhythm. Chelsea are very meh. I’m saying Arsenal and Man U taking 3rd and 4th, not sure on the order…


I’m hoping Arsenal can make it but their away form is atrocious.

50/50 at best regardless of the opponent.


I agree with that. Arsenal have easiest draw of the four teams and should finish 3rd. But their away form has been ordinary all year so the fact that they have 5 of their 8 remaining games away could make things interesting.


re: the big six… league table form since the half way mark of the season. Says it all really.


Looking at the respective draws, that’s what you’d expect.

But … you’re talking about Arsenal. They’ve proved many times over the last decade and a half that they can lose to absolutely anyone, and frequently do.

Right now, playing Wolves away is looking like a very possible loss.


Wolves probably gave us one of our sternest tests in the PL this season. A 2-0 away win at Molineux but we were under the cosh for much of that game, plus they did knock us out of the FA Cup as well. A point there wouldn’t be the worst result for the Arsenal, after that their run looks pretty tasty.


If we can’t finish top 4 with that run home we deserve to be relegated.

Should finish 3rd.


Up the toon 3 goals in 20 mins to win 3-2. One id say was offside though. Makes up for Pickford not being sent off for his rugby tackle on rondon


Oooh look at that, spursy fc and the rent boys both hosting the COCKNEY BOYS in the run home.

Oh how I’d love to turn them over and finish there top 4 chances, the limbs in the away ends… OH BABY.

Man U will PUMP us 3 nil.


Wolves take the lead


2-0 now. Game over