English Premier League 2018/19


And there is the sealer. Wolves have totally outplayed us today


Rashford gets one at the death but a very disappointing loss and results like this have will have a huge say on whether Ole gets the gig


It’s a difficult question. The turnaround when he took over was dramatic, but was it because Solskjaer is great or just the players’ relief at seeing the back of Mourinho? The loss to Arsenal broke their run and now Wolves have knocked them convincingly out of the FA Cup; it will be very interesting to watch how they perform for the rest of the season. If I were Man United, I wouldn’t be making any decisions until the whole season, all competitions, is over.


From reading the reports of the game we sounded like absolute garbage.

Fair play to wolves, sounded like the better team all night

All or nothing on top 4 now


Exactly as I have said all along. I wouldn’t be making any decisions until seasons end. The job is his if we make top 4 or in the unlikely event we win the CL. Failure to grab a CL spot next season would probably mean we are looking elsewhere for a new manager


Yeah Wolves deserved it, we looked flat and disinterested for long stints whilst they were hungry and up for the fight. The score actually flattered us.


Watch the game this morning and loved it. We really are having a fairytale season and I’m loving it.



Really had this feeling we’d make it and take it.

And Nah, … Ole’s done enough. The job is his. They are fking mad if they look elsewhere,

But then, we know they are fking mad, soooo, …


Dodged the proverbial bullet today. It’s tough being a Reds fan at the moment. We’re spluttering to the line.


Drawn Watford in the Semi. They pantsed us earlier in the year - it’ll be a real contest. We have Arsenal and Man United at home after the break then get to play at Wembley! What a month of football.


Brighton into the semis after beating Millwall on pens. Millwall lead 2-0 in the 88th before Brighton scored 2 in 2 minutes


It could well have been a Swansea v Millwall Semi. That would’ve been something!



Very interesting. Absolute LOL when you see Chelsea fly up the chart come around 2004 time. Not surprising that they and the 2 Manchester clubs are top of that list. It’s also very noticeable how Man U were nowhere near the top of it even up until around 2011/12, but their surge up that charts has coincided with their worst period (post-Ferguson). It’s almost like they’ve tried to spend their way to success and it’s not worked at all…


Man U aside but it’s easy to see that there is a direct correlation between spending and winning.

Man City really need to put the runs on the board across Europe.


Everton beat Chelsea 2-0 at Woodison this morning.



Solskjaer has been given the gig



Thought they would have waited until the end of the season.

Maybe they have conceded a top 4 spot?