English Premier League 2018/19


City will absolutely drill them. Man U will play dead, they’d rather them win the league than us, mind you City are miles ahead of them anyway so regardless Manchester is Blue.


It involves United, so of course Smooth would never acknowledge it. Only uses that season to peg us and say we choked :joy:


Well Spurs better do the job then. They will be long due for a win by then!


Sadly, I have to concur. Manure are pretenders. Dead cat bounce after the Special One’s sacking.


I genuinely didn’t realise 2011/12 was like that. I just couldn’t recall off the top of my head 2nd being so far clear of 3rd at this stage of a season. I know City won the league by 19 last season but there wasn’t even a title challenge, it was a cakewalk.


We aren’t a great side but we are still decent enough. Had 10 first team players missing and still went to PSG and got the job done.
If all our squad is fit we can take it up to anyone in the EPL. Solskjaer is doing well with what he has at his disposal. I’d give him the job and let him mould his own side and move some of the deadweight on.
Barring an Arsenal implosion it’s more than likely we will miss CL which will hurt big time and I’ll think we will turn all our attention into this years edition and see what happens




Looked like the coppers escorted a Birmingham stewart out of the ground after he kicked Grealish while celebrating with the away end.


Did they run over to finish him off?


Seen the incident in the Villa v Birmingham game. Absolutely appalling, we see enough one-punch attacks in society and it’s just not on. Last thing you want is for barriers to be put up as per several leagues in Europe to stop pitch invaders or people throwing projectiles at players but if this continues to occur those measures may have to be taken…


Some idiot ran onto the picth during the Gunners vs Man U game as well. Also, someone confronted a Sevco player during an SPL game thsi week as well.

Interesting to see with Brexit about to happen the empires biggest export ‘Football Holliganism’ is picking up again.


didn’t a liverpool keeper also get racially abused in liverpool town centre today too?

edit: racially motivated assault leaving the youth keeper injured.


Remind me again, it’s 2019 not 1959? Seriously gobsmacking this still happens today…




The two main clubs of Birmingham once upon a time had a gentlemans agreement to keep their original names and leave the name of the city off the table, just as London clubs have. That was until 110 odd years ago when Small Heath Alliance reneged and decided to represent the city and they’ve done an awful job of it ever since.

I’m biased but seriously, Birmingham City can ■■■■ themselves. Zulus and the club’s wannabe plastic gangster fringes are the biggest band of knuckle dragging ■■■■■ on the planet. I’ve met a couple of Bluenoses who were good blokes but the club’s entire existence revolves around a preoccupation of hating Villa first, wanting success for their club as secondary. That’s absolutely not what I’d say about West Brom or Wolves in relation to Villa, there’s needle but the level of spite just isn’t quite there.

They’re a nasty little club that for the past 45 years haven’t stood for anything much football related since Trevor Francis buggered off to Forest. Their relevance to football is on a par with Millwall. Many clubs have some nasty factions but also something to crow about and something about them.

I’ve always found Jack Grealish to look a bit poncey with the hitler youth haircut and boy band looks, goes down a bit like Lloydy used to but cops a loads more attention from lower league hacker types, is the close to biggest talent in the Championship and a very down to earth community minded sort of individual. He also copped abuse about losing a younger brother as a toddler yesterday. Majority of clubs pull those sorts of chants, Villa included but on the same day, you’ve got to hand it to the young man, he’s got a fair temperament.

As for the pot shot merchant, enjoy being locked up while your son cops ■■■■ at school cos Dad’s in the clink and you struggle for employment on the other side oh and thanks for the 6 points you ■■■■■■■ great unwashed band of basic nuffies I bet BCFC players were well ■■■■■■ off with their own fans.

Anyway, this is supposed to be an EPL thread and Villa are still Championship bottlers for now. :wink:


I saw somewhere that steward is 57 years of age.


This is why I hashtagged you. Great write-up, mate. Cheers for that background.


Sounds a lot like Everton. Must be something about bitter bluenose clubs…


Can’t really say I hate Birmingham, but I prefer Villa beacuse I like Villa Park. It’s one of the remaining grounds that aren’t generic looking.


I can think of another club that that description reminds me of…#spursy