English Premier League 2018/19


Yeah, no more after this, just happen to have no work tomorrow.

Liverpool go bang and have come to life here.



Big final twenty minutes.


Liverpool all over them


Almost got them on the counter though


Falling into pace for liverpool


Big second half by Spurs but fwarrrk, given it up in the 90th.


Loris is the worst good goalkeeper in the world. Makes so many mistakes. Cheers Spurs!!!


Sissoko should of put us 2-1 up.
Knew that would bite us in the ■■■■.


VVD did the right thing there. Knew he was garbage, didn’t allow him to lay the ball off and made him shoot, put it in row Z of the Annie Road.


What a result. Very pleased to have taken the points. Felt we should have brought Fabhino on earlier once Spurs started dominating in the 2nd half.


Insipid, uninspired, not fit to wear the shirt and one of the worst home games played.
Bombers v Saints?
Hammers v Everton. Great weekend for footy thanks.


Heart in the mouth stuff in the Reds vs Spurs match. Big three points to bank & prolly our most difficult fixture out of the way. Pressure back on City, although they will put Cardiff to the sword at home in their next match. The Gunners have a chance to jump up to third with a win over the Toon.


Now we just need Spurs or United to find some form and take some points off City. Easy enough isn’t it?


Would say we found form in the second half today.


EFA. :wink:


Arsenal score from a set piece only for it to be disallowed because a Newcastle defender decided to start flopping around on the ground in the box.

Rubbish decision.


Captain Ramsey scores



Lacazette with the sealer. Gunners 2-0 at 83’. Good to see them leapfrog up to third & push Manure down to 5th & out of CL action.


Nice to see Arsenal above Spurs where they should be.


I think Arsenal really have improved this season. Last year this game against Newcastle would almost certainly have been a loss or a draw in typical fashion: 75% possession, 15 shots at goal to 2, 5 corners to 1; 0-1 result. All teams have those games occasionally, and we’ve had a few this season; but for the past 5+ years they’ve been a constant feature, and this season there have been far fewer.

To this point. Fingers crossed for the remaining games.