English Premier League 2018/19


3rd-6th are split by 3 points, so much to play for, plus the title race between Liverpool and City will go down to the wire. The relegation scrap is pretty much done though, I expect Cardiff to join Fulham and Huddersfield in the Championship next season.


Nice to have our home again and nice to have a win again.


Back on the winners list.


The title is Liverpool’s. They have the easier run home and city have a much harder run home


I see what you are trying to do there :rofl:


I helped hook up some tickets for a bloke I vaguely know, so now I’m very, very much invested in hoping Liverpool choke.


Tickets for what?


Who cares?

I am sending HAPs a big packet of mochi soon.


■■■■■■■ Mo !


3-1 in the end, conceded an early goal, very much off the pace until Keita’s equaliser, a timely first LFC goal. Happy that Mo broke his scoring drought, hopefully they start flying in, and Hendo ensured the 3 point with a well worked move with Bobby. Top again, City don’t play this week due to the FA Cup.


Liverpool and Essendon win within 24 hours. I never could have asked for more.

Great resilience but we have to start games better.


Incredible 24 hours. I’m hungover AF. Dons win against the odds & then the Reds find the winning goal with 10 mins left. Weekend set up perfectly. :grinning:


Worth waking up early for.


Set alarm for 4am to get up. Couldn’t do it after a massive week. But the result was a lovely surprise to wake up to. Busy day of watching two relays from Friday night footy is now on the cards.


Enjoy, mate.

Wait until you see the Salah run and goal. Took on the responsibility and delivered the goods.


Strachan has lost it.


Diego Costa red carded this morning for apparently saying “I st on your fking mother” to the ref :joy:

This guy has a few screws loose!


I sit on your faking mother? WTF?


Gunners on the road, eh?


■■■■■■ wolves. 2-0 up with 11 to play and lost 3-2 AET.