English Premier League 2018/19


Disappointing loss to Everton over night.

From all reports only the keeper played to their best level.

Sokratis out for the next two matches will hurt.

Especially with that muppet Mustafi farking up everything that comes his way!


ead wolves


Normal Arsenal service resumed. We seem to have a knack for bringing out the best in opposition goalkeepers.

Hopefully we’ll bounce back but not to get at least a draw is very disappointing.


Haven’t watched the replay yet but from all reports our midfield was nonexistent.

When I looked at the team sheet prior to the game I didn’t look to confident.

Elneny is a break in case of emergency type player and having both Miki and Ozil in the same side as well as 2 attacking wing backs did not fill me with a lot of confidence.

I’m surprised we only let in one goal to be honest. Apparently Leno put in a steller performance.


Bit of a shame to lose 2-3 overnight. Looked like a great match (just too late to watch for me though) - what an entertaining season its been :smiley:


I know it is a bit old fashioned but I really wish Auba and Laca would play together up front more often.

Would most opponents want to play against one or both? I reckon one so do what they would least like and play both up front.


Bombers and Spurs in the one day!!


That’s 3 out of 3 at our new home.


Lucas with a hat trick!


Very lucky to get the points in a pretty average effort. Both Pens were there for us but I still can’t believe Anderson’s goal was disallowed as I reckon Dalot played him on.


Is this sh-t season still going? Couldn’t be more disinterested.


I assume they don’t use VAR for offside. I can understand it not being appropriate in all cases, but this looked to be one where it should be used.

Or…do they use VAR in the EPL?


var comes in next season I think for the epl



Not sure how the Spurs will score once it comes in!


plus the Sa Eagles and the Dow up 250 points. Hallelujah brother and thank your mother for the rabbits.


Tonight is the night liverpool wrap up the league. Crystal palace will take points from Man City and Chelsea are done away from home


I see what you’re tried here!


If Liverpool beat city the title is theirs.

It’s the last big challenge they have. City will drop points in the run home

As much as I don’t like Liverpool, I will be happy for my fellow blitzers who are pool fans




MO!!! Come on lad!!