English Premier League 2018/19


Wow Mo Salah you are a freaking legend! What a goal


Luck and good goalkeeping preserves the Reds 2-0 lead. Hazard hits the upright and Alisson makes a point-blank save from Higuain. Chelsea still showing plenty of threat…


Super effort to take the 3 points. Back over to City to keep winning now.


What a crazy 10 minutes. We hadn’t really looked like scoring. We get one and then Mo scores at absolute worldie. Then amongst all the excitement Hazard should have scored twice


Saw it out in the end, kept the clean sheet. That was less nervy than some of our most recent games.


Chelsea losing pretty much puts them out of top 4 considerations.

They have to win Europa now to make Champions league.


Unless Arsenal slip up.
Chelsea are still well in the mix with our tough run home. Will come down to Arsenal or Chelsea for the last spot


What a peach from Salah! Goal of the year.


Nah, I think it’s out of Arsenal and Man U.

You play them at home and I expect you will win that.

That leaves them with three tricky games to get enough points to hold on.


That ball looked like it was gaining speed as it hit the top corner. Outstanding strike.


I don’t get where City is going to drop points except maybe Liverpool even then maybe just a draw


The Reds & City don’t meet again. City still have Spurs, United, Burnley & the Foxes to deal with. Hoping for a loss or draw from one of those games & the Reds to win their remaining games.


City don’t have Liverpool again. Liverpool won’t drop another point and I can see City maybe dropping one game which will be the difference.
Reckon Spurs will get a draw with City which will decide the title


That Salah goal was superb.



Thx for sharing, RB. Freaky stuff. :clap:


God love him, but Jamie Carragher’s commentary in Liverpool games is nothing more than barracking. Shouldn’t be on air for Reds matches…


I love when he trolls former United players, though. :rofl:


Carragher never has anything good to say about Arsenal either.

He’s as biased as they come.


He crawls back into his hole pretty quickly whenever the United players ask him about his medals though :rofl: