English Premier League 2018/19


He usually ignores them. And continues to troll. He is a massive sheet-stirrer. Agree with Smooth that he is way too biased to call Reds games.


Him and Neville are good value with their analysis pre and post-game, but keep him away from the play-by-play.


Both are excellent pre game analysts


Auba gets the Gunners underway at Watford



And Arsenal do the bare minimum but are now 4th on goal difference


Have I read correctly that Spurs face City on Thursday (CL) & then on Saturday (PL)? Twice in a little over 48 hours?


No-one with a scouse accent should have their voice broadcast.


I thought it was CL is normally Wednesday (and league on Saturday) but yeah basically.


Early Thursday morning (Melbourne/Tokyo time) for the CL game & late Sat night for the PL game. Heavy schedule (good) this week. Gee, hope the Spurs can at least draw with City on Sat.


My Scouse accent is that good that actual Scousers think I’m Scouse!!! Dream commentary line-up:

John Aldridge
Jamie Carragher
Steve McManaman

Aldo is on LFC TV, but then I suppose it’s OK to be completely biased on the club’s channel…


plus last Wednesday will be three times in 10 days - hope they all finish like the first result but will be a miracle if Spurs win all three!!


Didn’t take long for retaliation.
Think we are in for a very long day.


Spurs you useless ■■■■■. Get going


Reckon that was a penalty.


Come on, Spurs. FFS!


Spurs will get a point here


No Kane, so who will provide the dive?

Spurs looking flat here. Very little energy.


That was handball, Spurs should have had a pen


Yep. And the ref had a perfect look at it as well.


And another one just then that could have been given!