English Premier League 2018/19


Can’t stand Silva - such a sook.


Come on Spurs, having a decent patch.


Spurs all over them


Two clear handballs. ■■■■ City.


Like they have woken up from a slumber in the past 10 mins.


Sterling - flog.


Sorry Liverpool fans. We tried. Probably a bit unlucky too.


Both top teams have just scraped by Spurs so I guess it’s even in that regard.


Well that sucked - sorry to The Pool fans around here we couldn’t help out.

Think it was always going to be a tough one today.
Dier had to start in the middle and that was never the plan.
We had some chances especially first half.


Am definitely going for Liverpool after that.
Sterling is a great player but not so graceful of a bloke.


So deflating seeing Man City get win after win. Can’t see them dropping any points now.


City will win it. They play dump in their final 4 games. Would take an absolute miracle if they drop any points from here…


If De Bruyne is out for an extended time it will be a test for them.

Can’t believe I will be cheering for United to win. yuck.


Currently in Bohol in the Philippines. We were out for dinner with a mate who is a massive Spurs fan. Fair to say his constant score updates didn’t make me super excited.


All up to man u now to stop city winning the title


They’ll be desperate to win it too, not just cause it’s Shity, but to keep Top 4 hopes alive, … that’s provided we win tonight of course, … :crossed_fingers:


I’m a realist and I’d be super surprised if we even nicked a point off them. They are so far superior to us it isn’t funny. If KDB misses we might be a sneaky chance at best


Enjoy. The chocolate hills are amazing and some pretty cool beaches around Panglao island


If this team could stop being ■■■■, that’d be good.


United look farking pathetic today and it has only been 10 minutes.

Getting bossed by Everton.

0-1 already to that cherry picker Richarlison.

Getting ready to ship at least 3 more with Smalling and Jones in front of De Gea.