English Premier League 2018/19


Ajax will be happy to see Spurs playing a half with only 9 men.




It’s been coming for awhile


Let’s go Watford.


You ain’t missing out.
United or Arsenal won’t win their last two


Just flicked the game back on, what the hell happened

Were the reds warranted?


Does anyone actually want to finish 3rd or 4th?


It’s nuts. Something like out of the last 12 games these 4 teams have played combined, there’s only been one win.


Idiotic stuff.
Can’t wait until next week to see how we meltdown against Everton coughing up a top 4 position.

The 9 guys who were left out there actually fought it out pretty good considering the circumstance.


Yep, could have been worse.
Dier should have been sent off twice. Was on a yellow and dived into a challenge without getting any of the ball and then a few minutes later inside the box kicks the back of Wilson’s legs for what should have been a stonewall pen. The ref failed to see it.




You only need 1 point to guarantee top 4. Even a loss and you will make it as no way either United or Arsenal win both


Just saw the 2 reds. The first one shouldn’t of been a straight red( looks like he pushed him in the chest not the face from the angle I saw). Just a yellow. 2nd one was a red imo


For what it is worth, I thought that both were harsh. The second one I can understand but I don’t think he meant to be that dangerous. First one was silly on both fronts. I have seen an Arsenal player (may have been Abou Diaby) get a card for something similar against joey barton. Should have been given a free kick because it was barton but no the ref had no sense of theatre.

I started watching from about the 67th minute and I thought Bournemouth were just going to stuff it up with stupid shots rarely testing Hugo. I can see why so many people hate dele ali though. Might get a card for that wrestling move right at the end, because I don’t think the ref saw it properly.


Some of you lot go on about Spurs flopping… interested in your thoughts on Fabinho’s free kick.


Well if Messi can get a free kick for a superman punch on Fabinho…


If Liverpool win the league then Divock Origi should have a monument built in his honour!



Wow, 86th minute. The race keeps going to the death.


I can honestly see City dropping points to the Foxes. Liverpool are powering on whilst City are spluttering to the line. Hate to say it but I have to admire Liverpool’s season and reckon they are playing the best football