English Premier League 2018/19


They have the attacking weapons to threaten City. They definitely won’t be dropping points to Brighton next week now that they are safe. Cardiff’s relegation confirmed after losing to Palace. Not too upset with that, any team with Warnock managing it can GAGF…


The sheep shaggers can GAGF, good to see them go down


I reckon the complete opposite…


You’re both half right. Both are powering to the line.

Foxes are paying $13 for the win and even $7.50 for a draw.

I’m not a betting man but they seem very long


Liverpool are still playing good football and scoring goals in the process. City are grinding out results and look real flat. I think being knocked out of the CL knocked a bit of stuffing out of them


I’m still recovering from that win. Heart in the mouth stuff. The Foxes are plucky and will take Man City on rather than solely defend. Anything could happen.


Jamie Vardy is the biggest flog in the EPL and he will be setting himself to ruin Man City’s party.

Let’s hope he does.




I’d put Delle Ali ahead of him.


Bernardo Silva for mine.




Souness is still the biggest flog since piers morgan.


Devs up 1 - 0 up at HT.

Just get the 3 lads.


Jeezuz :roll_eyes:


Huddersfield make it 1-1. Spurs and Arsenal fans cheer. Chelsea looking alright at 2-0.


CHONG!! nearly, .

Then again Pog, so close FARRRK!

Get a Goal ffs!!


Huddersfield will be shattered to have missed out on the 3 points against that mid table mob.


Fk me, … I truly can’t believe this last 2 weeks.

It’s as if they WANTED to miss out on top 4. :thinking:


Ole won’t get past Christmas next season unless he clears out the majority of that toxic squad.

How young is captain of our side and plays every game is one of the most bewildering things I have ever seen in sport


Both us and Arsenal didn’t deserve to play CL football.
Clean the whole lot out and start from fresh