English Premier League 2018/19




What a crazy season, I thought ManU and Arsenal would win leading to an exciting weekend next week. Who’d have thought it’d be done and dusted before it began. Hopefully The title race goes down to the wire


Hopefully your team lays down for Liverpool with nothing really to left to play for.


Can see us getting past Valencia but I don’t think we can beat Chelsea.

No Champions league again unfortunately.


I don’t think they will. Nuno subbed on our reserve goalkeeper against Fulham this week in extra time as I think they intend to go in with a full squad. If Leicester beat Man City, we will go in strong to try and secure 7th.


Hopefully a blessing in disguise missing CL. If that doesn’t force change nothing will


Conor Coady own goal in the 90th minute would be lovely! He still is a massive Reds fan.


Where are the likes of Ozil mouthing off about Spurs today?

Need make up 8 goals on goal difference.


You have been keeping that one in your back pocket for a while Noonan :rofl:


It’s not just your taste in movies or your distaste for Darcy P that make me loathe every fibre of your being.

I do exempt @Shelton10 from my utter contempt for Arsenal. It almost seems that your contempt for Spurs is greater than your love for the ■■■■’n’all.


Its not contempt Noonan its pity.

I hope some day Spurs can become a real football side.


He’s given up a couple this year- he does speak fondly of his former club. Who knows? :wink:


I see so many parallels between the Gunners and the Bombers, the greatest being their constant history of building expectations to the highest level, then consistently falling at major hurdles.


Wait, so we’re not celebrating Totteringham day??

Damn it!


I have kept it together recently, however, I will struggle to sleep this evening. Tie up loose ends, Brendan, and get the job done.


Both clubs seem to take great pleasure in ruining my weekends. The only difference between them is arsenal often do it more than once a week


Think they have swapped that festival now for the one day in the season when they manage to win an away game.


City are turning the screws now


Trust that prick Kompany - the one who should have been sent off against Liverpool - to decide the title.