English Premier League 2018/19


My usual cable station is showing the City game so I guess I’ll have that on and check scores on the phone. Hoping Liverpool can somehow nab the title.


Ah cool, that makes Essendon minnows of the commercial era then aswell :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thx, Rob. I actually suggested Klopp as the next Bombers coach. Could be difficult given that the Reds are about to put a new £170k per week deal in front of him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Would be sick, though. Watching him fist-pump a Walla goal from the boundary. :joy:


Looking forward to this game :+1:


Yeah but both Richmond and Collingwood are successful. City are still minnows


Think both city and Liverpool will win. City 1-0, Liverpool 3-1


DAZN broadcasts in Japanese only. So, I am stuck with the Japanese equivalent of Bruce McAvaney & his sidekick. They both lose their sheet during games. It is both annoying and funny at the same time. :joy:

p.s. Thx for the well wishes.


Oh I didn’t realise that was the case for DAZN. I can switch languages thankfully.


Spurs have goaled already. Nice.


Man, thought you were watching the City game. Almost had a mini heart attack then. :joy:


Gomen. Although Brighton did just go inches wide.




Hendo needs to be careful here. Has been a bit too lippy.




To easy


TAA with the deadly cross again. Deflection, but still. Has been amazing.


TAA what a gun! Mane you’re a champ.

Keep going now. Nail a few more and really build that pressure on City.


Goooooaaaallllll Brighton!


Haha I just score that Cardiff have scored against United :rofl:


Straight in from a corner! No, guided in by a close header.