English Premier League 2018/19


The Smooth Operator is in da house. While we wait…


Wolves are decent. Plucky AF.

Edit: But their Hollywood sheet is starting to show.


Hendo to be subbed for Milner soon?


There’s City’s third.


Shity go 3 - 1.:no_mouth:


Fck. Horrible to hear that. And we have subbed Origi for Milner. Going for the hold. Any chance Brighton to at least score?


We are on top now.


Meanwhile, … Man U are 2 - 0 down to fkn Cardiff, …lol.


Nah. They’ve just added strikers but City in control.


And that’s 4. Perfect free kick by Gundogan.


Spurs go behind but Arsenal have 6 goals to make up.

Edit: goals flying in, Spurs now 2-2


What a ball in to mane


Mane equals Salah.


2-0. Mane now level with Salah as PL top scorer. Well played City. They had to be perfect the final 14 games on the season to keep us at bay. That Feb-Mar period where we had 4 draws in 6 games done us in, but aside from that a great campaign. How we follow it up next season will define this squad. Must not drop off!


Nah, fck da Oil Shieks.

Go the Mighty Reds.


Well done to city and Liverpool for the year. Looking forward to the upcoming finals.


Final table:


Can’t like it. Sorry, Smooth. One loss for the season. Am gutted. I may need a spell off Blitz for a bit.


Champions League to come. We had a super season. At the start of the season I didn’t think we would get close to City and yet we literally lost the title by 12mm. Amazing.


United losing to Cardiff is a fitting end to a horrid season and a very shity Weekend.