English Premier League 2018/19


how long after you activate your optus sim, do you get optus sport?


Just download the app and register. Should be straight away


Cop that Croatia.

It’s so weird seeing the England team playing exciting football and United playing rubbish. For so long it has been the opposite


All chances have been for Crystal so far,… and good ones. Just can’t seem to start switched on.

Lucky not to be 1 down already at least against the 16th side at home. … fek.


Just an insipid performance so far and expected nothing less.

Smalling and Young still stealing a living and Jose somehow still in a job.

This club will never learn.


Almost unwatchable 1st half effort.


Hate to think where we’d be this year without De Gea.


He’s been made to look like an only slightly above average keeper this year so far due to how shambolic the backline is.

When was the last time he kept a clean sheet again?

This is legitimately the worst game of football I’ve ever watched.


Please sack Mourinho.


Lucky to walk away with 1 point here in the end.

Palace did all but win it, … and would have deserved it if they had.

Again, lifted the tempo increasingly as it got late and created some chances, but far too little, and way too late .




Very impressive result for us this morning Sammy!!! And after we play Arsenal next week, we have a pretty good run into Christmas with Southampton, Leicester City, Burnley and Everton. Although they are historically the teams we usually give points to.


As soon as Jose made the changes of Rashford for Mata (both have been total caca this season), Fellaini for Lingard (how does that plonker still get paid a salary let alone get regular first team appearances for United?) and Sanchez for Pogba (why would you do this?) the game was well and truly done when you add on top of that Smalling, Young, Lindloff and Darmian all starting and how useless Matic has been this year.

That game could have went for infinity and we wouldn’t have even gotten close to scoring.

Lukaku has been “Space Jammed” and Martial played one of the worst games I think I’ve seen a winger play in a United shirt.

I couldn’t even tell you someone who played well.

Drawing 0-0 to Palace at home is a joke and yet the arrogance of this club and the players to still call ourselves “the biggest club in the world” when we are having the season we are having is total delusion on their behalf.

We still have a farking negative goal difference FFS.

The board is a total joke for allowing Jose to still be here and for allowing Woodward to have kept his job after the summer transfer window he just had.

Our only hope was if that Saudi sheikh had bought the club from the Glaziers as was being rumoured a month or so ago but those grubby little farkers are far too concerned with their back pockets and ego to ever let United go now.

We are seventh and an eternity off the top 4 plus goal difference and yet here we are still sitting on our hands.

Utterly insipid.


Time to go Jose. Last night was the last straw for me. When you get dominated by crystal palace at home something is broken.


That was our best performance for the season.


Took a half to break Watford down, but a 3-0 win away from home in the end. Mo, Trent and Bobby the scorers. Citeh thump West Ham 4-0 at the London Stadium to stay 2 points ahead of us.


Solid win over the Hornets away. That TAA goal was quality. The young bloke has a steely edge that I like.

Have been away from Blitz for a couple of weeks. Catching up on posts, I see that Ace is struggling with Red Devil mediocrity. That draw with the Eagles is unlikely to help.

Impressive win by the Spurs over Chelsea.


TAA can definitely hit them from set pieces. The back four and keeper are so solid, just 5 goals conceded in 13 League games. Gomez didn’t even play, it was Lovren with VVD and they didn’t skip a beat. Coming up to that all-important December period where the fixtures come thick and fast. This is where you can win or lose a title challenge, squad depth is critical. Hopefully we handle it better than previous seasons…


Can either of @fogdog or @Sammy_Hagar confirm that the crowd Spurs v chelskum was in fact smaller than West Ham v City?

I think it was only about 55k (compared to just over 56k at the Hammers) for a London derby between the two highest placed clubs in town. Is that a concern for you? Especially as the capacity of the new stadium is about 60k.

Oh and that was a b l o o d y amazing result, hopefully you have big heads for the week and come out presuming you will get the 3 points next weekend.


I think the thing we Gunners should be thinking about right now is getting 3 points at Bournemouth tonight. We haven’t won a league match for a month and we’re already four points off fourth place. We have a game in hand, but we need to make the most of it.