English Premier League 2018/19


Was 55 there - Chelsea fans aren’t known for being the most passionate bunch.


And a lot of our supporters have boycotted Wembley.


Although they are historically the teams we usually give points to. Classic Essington!


I was just wondering. I think you were getting bigger crowds earlier in the season.


Finally got around to watching Spurs. Could’ve been 5 or 6 goals. Luiz had a couple of shockers. Son’s goal was a ripper.


Lost 2-0 to Aaron Mooy this morning. Wolves haven’t won in last five, time to get down to business now. At least the game involved an Aussie doing well in the big time


When was the last time an Aussie scored a brace in the Prem?


I am thinking Viduka’s 4 but not sure, maybe Harry did it since then? I have a feeling Timmy may have done it in his Everton days and possibly against chel$ki.


From what I can find on soccerbase, Timmy, 2010 against Villa

Dukes had a couple of braces for Newcastle in 07 too.


Newcastle make it 3 on the spin with a 2-1 away win at Burnley. If anyone gets a chance, take a look at Matt Ritchie’s miss from that game…


1 down already, … against the 19th placed team.


Make that 2 down!!



This is fast becoming an infamous Mourinho “3rd season”


Lukaku breaks his drought.


Rashford sets up Herrera for the leveler.


Finally a decent win for the Foxes. Haven’t really taken their chances this year.They have a lack of scoring power.




Just sack Jose now. It’s our only hope of getting top 4. Defensively we are a shambles, offensively we look like we have no plan at all.



The performances just get more and more pathetic.

I understand a manager trying new things to try and turn things around but a back three of McTominay (he should be gaining experience in the Championship, not shipping goals away to farking Southampton), Matic (110% cooked) & Jones (one of the worst players I’ve seen pull on a United shirt) is just insanity.

Let alone starting Fellaini, Young & Rashford (who is in serious trouble of becoming a League One caliber player at a rapid rate).

I think in this case, Jake Carlisle said it best: “This club is farked.”


The facet of united’s play that held jose in place was the defence, sure we couldn’t score, but no one could score against us (also de gea is a god). Now we can’t score and can’t stop other teams scoring. I’d like to say i doubt he continues past the end of this season, however the glazers are ■■■■ owners and are basically arsenalling us.