English Premier League 2018/19


Between these morons and the board, yes, we are well on our way to becoming the circus that Arsenal are/were.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we finish in the bottom half at this rate.

The players quite obviously farking hate Mourinho and look as if they’d rather do anything else except play football right now but yes, let’s keep him because we just signed him to a new deal which already looked like an unmitigated disaster from the get go.

Rather than limit the damage, let’s see how far this puppy sinks.


force back pereira, get fred, don’t play either. gg.



Your players are being rested for the second half of the season to take a shot at the title.


shots fired


I’m still upset the jammy carnts got the come from behind draw though. :joy: Mourinho is a master strategist and so I’m sure there is a master plan at work. :wink:

BELIEVE! I know I do. Nows the time to get behind Jose. Dont lose the faith. :slight_smile:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Divock Origi (I thought we sold him!) with a late, late winner in the Derby. A sliced VVD, I don’t know what the ■■■■ it was, shot attempt, cross, whatever you want to call it, goes high up in the air towards the Everton goal. Pickford for some bizarre reason tries to keep it in rather than tip it behind for a corner. The ball hits off the top of the bar, drops back into play and Origi nods home. More late Anfield drama!




What an awesome Premier League morning!!! Poor blueshite!

Never had the stamina to waste 6 hours of PL back home, but here… I have my coffee and nice American streaky bacon and eggs! Yumm!!


Letting 4 in is a bit of a worry.
Not surprised at all we lost though.
Arsenal playing some real good stuff currently.
Hopefully we can return the favour later in the season.


Our form in the league was pretty ordinary minus the game last week against Bournemouth. Before then we were ahead of you guys now we are level on points.


We did all right last night. Even allowing for it being at home, a 4-2 win (with one of the 2 being a very iffy penalty) is an excellent result against an in-form Spurs team, and it puts us in the top 4.

We have some big challenges coming up this month but it will be good to head into them with confidence.


Plenty of sooking about Klopps celebration on the pitch but personally I loved it even though the dippers won from a jaggy goal


The ‘forgotten man’ wins it for us at the death.

Can’t overestimate the importance of that win. Needed to keep pace with City - who are putting sides to the sword & don’t look close to dropping points. That 4 Jan 2019 game vs City away is shaping up to be massive.

And how about our headbanging, mad scientist manager in Klopp? Don’t think I celebrated that hard when my son was born. #nutter :rofl:


It’s the jammiest goal I’ve seen for a while. Everything about it. In the Derby, Kop end, scored by our 5th/6th choice forward, coming from a goalie error in the 96th minute. Everton actually played well too, which will burn even more for them.


Went to bed at half time - couldn’t stay up any longer given it was 1am. First half was great to watch, with constant attacking by both sides. Amazing goal line save from Gomez kept us in it.

Feel asleep listening to the radio coverage and was pleasantly waken up by the commentary when Origi scored. Having seen the replay this morning I have absolutely no idea what Pickford was thinking or trying to do.


He’s probably caught in 2 minds. I think if he had left it the ball would’ve landed on the net of the goal, or bounced off the bar and over the line. Goal kick. Launch it 60 yards, 0-0. But he probably thought he couldn’t take that chance. However it turned out as bad as could’ve been imagined. Origi was rewarded for at least having the presence of mind to follow in just in case. So many late goals in derbies I can vividly recall. Gary McAlister FK at Goodison 2001. VVD on debut in the FA Cup last year. Mane Xmas 2016 at Goodison, and now this. Origi probably doesn’t have too much of a future left at Liverpool but he’s written himself into Merseyside Derby folklore with that…


Let’s not forget the second half of the ‘86 Merseyside FA Cup final. Ian Rush brace & a goal from Australia’s own Craig Johnston. The latter is the reason I started following the Reds from the 80s onwards.


You mean where the ball was just about to cross the line from a Rush attempt, with no-one to stop it, and Johnston knocked it in and celebrated as if he was the one who did all the work. At least all his teammates went to Rush as the scorer.


Yep. That’s the game.

The Toffees were 1-0 up after Lineker scored from a Grobbelaar deflection off Lineker’s previous attempt. Grobbelaar made up for that with a fine save in the second half. I also recall him leaving the box at one stage & remonstrating with a teammate (pushed him in the chest?).

The Reds came out after HT and upped the tempo. Rush scored first. The ball was slowing down & Johnston slid in. I think you overexagerrated his celebration, though. The atmosphere was electric & the noise deafening that day. Johnston scored the next goal & Rush the third.

One of the best Merseyside derbies.