English Premier League 2018/19


Southampton sack Mark Hughes…


Fair decision given that they dropped points to Man U.


If an opposition manager getting sacked after earning a point against Man Utd doesn’t show the guys running Utd how far they’ve fallen off the perch nothing will.

Even Palace were disappointed last week not to take full points AT OLD TRAFFORD.



Right decision by the Saints. They have gone from a solid middle of the table club to fighting for their Premier League survival. Hughes didn’t seem to have the players and their game plan - if one even existed - absolutely stank.

At the time I actually thought he was hard done by when City moved him on but upon reflection it was the correct choice. He was holding them back.


Had work early today so I missed our beat down from Arsenal.
Once I caught the score I have refused to watch or listen to any sports programming today.
Too painful.
Have watched a truckload of NFL and that’s it.
Nothing else.

As far as I’m concerned the game never happened.


Oh yes it did. Arsenal beat Spurs 4-2.




That’s cos you ■■■■■ gutted their list.


He didn’t go all out MV and throat grab an opposition player.


I think it’s a bit much if he gets a touchline ban for that. He didn’t incite anything. Just saw one on Twitter where he was managing Mainz and he’s pretty much done a lap of the pitch celebrating a goal. LOL!


Klopp’s passion should be seen for what it was - pure emotion. Running on the pitch is hardly stirring up the crowd. He was merely reflecting the mood of the home fans - delirium at scoring a last minute winner by one of the unlikeliest sources.


Yeah no issues with the celebration. It’s only if you do an Adebayor, then you have a problem.


Yeah that one was certainly unbecoming…


It will be interesting to see if this potential Champions League ban of Man City goes anywhere. It would be nice if it proved to be a big disruption to their players!


Ban them from everything



Your father washes elephants
Your mother is a wh0re

Hmmmm…can see why both sides hated each other


or bully a ref off the field.


That is racist and disgusting. English football fans have the reputation they deserve.


Thats pretty tame. Italians and Germans are far worse from my experience although atleast I cant understand most of the Germans lol