English Premier League 2018/19


martin solveig asking Ada if she wanted to twerk after winning the ballon d’or. progressive…


Her reaction was pure gold. Well done by her.


Sam Kerr robbed at 5th, easily top 3 in the world.


And a spurs fan threw a banana on the pitch in the weekend.


That they did and that wanker should have the book thrown at him.

I might add Spurs fans know a little about racism directed towards them.


they cop a lot of jewish related racism don’t they?

That fan that threw the banana is a disgrace and should be banned for life. What actually goes through someones mind when they do that


It’s still quite a common sight in Italy unfortunately despite clubs promising to crack down on it


So sad that it still happens today.


Making gas chamber noises to Spurs fans is par for the course.

I’m all for banter but racism is pathetic.


Spurs fans always quick with the cameras out posting on Twitter the racism from traveling fans against them (usually West ham) yet none to be seen this time when it’s one of their own, took an arsenal fan to bring it to attention.


We have a long way to go in Australia but I haven’t heard as much blatant racism as we did in our last few Euro trips. We were speechless when a German train conductor in Munich told us to sit in a different cabin because “stinking negros” were in the next one. Racism is still very open and widespread in some countries.

English soccer fans can be just plainly disgusting. I remember going to Leeds in the first game we played them after Cantona defected across and the Leeds fans were tossing cardboard and paper planes painted with flames and Munich into the United away crowd and singing “23 dead Mancs sitting on a plane”.


That is not directed at any of the spurs fans on here btw, just what I notice social media.


go on tell us what you really think of sammy.


He’s a gentleman


All good.
Like I said that moron deserves to be banned.
Very confident Spurs would have more than their share of ■■■■ supporters.
Still think whether cameras are out or not is irrelevant.
Obviously still exists and in this day and age beggars belief that it does.


I played a season of cricket in Yorkshire in 2004, the year that Leeds got relegated from the PL. Alan Smith signed for Man Utd between seasons. That didn’t go down well. The Leeds fans had some songs for him that were well out of order. Understand the fume at him going there, but it was well past common human decency shall we say. Australia gets a reputation for being a racist country but what I was in England, they are 1000 times more racially prejudiced than anything I’ve seen here, and that’s not at football games, that’s just in general life…


You are suppose to say.



99 prelim after the siren went some Carlton old fogey kept smacking me with his umbrella.
His wife of many years thought it was great.

I was letting it go because I couldn’t feel ■■■■ because I was in disbelief about what happened with the game.
In the end I snapped and didn’t want to hit him because of his age so I flipped him over without much force and he ended up lying on the ground.
It was worth it just to see the look change on his Mrs face.
She was getting an absolute kick out of the brolly bash.

Was fairly warm that day and to this day I wonder what the hell he was doing having an umbrella there in the first place?

About the most violent I’ve been at a Dons game.


Violence against Fark Carlton supporters. Blitz says yes.


I happy to leave the violence out and just beat them on field. Them winning wooden spoons is a nice add on as well.