English Premier League 2018/19


Lol Spurs. Promise so much, then they deliver that. Great attack, but really struggle defensively.

Liverpool have tightened up amazingly well. Van Dijk is the best centre back around at the moment.


Sooner than I expected


Ace predicted we would beat Utd 3-1. You’ve tipped the correct scoreline too - I’m going to have to start putting money in these predictions lol.


Emery has a big job in front of him. That defence is a shambles, too many players who have mistakes in them. They go ahead and 5 mins later are behind. Also continuing to play the ball from the back against a high pressing team with defenders not comfortable on the ball is a recipe for disaster…


In Emery’s defence that is a stop gap defence that has been smashed with injuries all year.


Another great set of results. Next game at City is huge.


If they beat Man City the next question will be if they can remain undefeated for the remainder of the season.

Could be a magical year for Liverpool.


I can’t imagine how I would feel to have an Liverpool Essendon double. YNWA


This is just going to break my heart when we ■■■■ this up :frowning:


I’d go on a year long bender.


And we think the mocking from Chelsea fans (re: Gerrard’s slip in 2014) was bad… :anguished:


I’d probably join ya


I’ll be in on that. I don’t drink, but may have to start if the double occurs.


God bless Arsenal Fan TV


Please play for the draw like City tried at Anfield. Don’t need to be giving them any momentum.


It is how I imagine Essendon supporters would be after a defeat.

Quality viewing.


Can see it being 4-2 your way


Not much said on here about Kamara taking the penalty for Fulham against Huddersfield.

Reminds me of that baby Sanchez when he would always step up to the line for Arsenal before sending it over the crossbar.


Bad loss last night - Wolves were too good.
Don’t know if the amount of games being played recently caught up with us considering how flat we looked 2nd half.
Wolves were very good and harassed the ■■■■ out of us.


If a draw was offered pre-match I’d definitely take it, but I don’t want us to play for one and invite City onto us, allow them to have 70% of the ball. They are frightened of us, one of the few teams they pay respect to in terms of knowing that we can beat them. We can play on the break, but we still have to maintain a pressing game, put pressure on their defence, which has looked suspect the past 2-3 games.