English Premier League 2018/19




They’re missing Fernandinho badly but he should be back for your game. Their defence will be much better with him in front of it.


We were very good and didn’t panic after you guys controlled the first half. Kane’s goal was a pearler too. Sitting 7th at present with Crystal Palace this week. The dream continues :grin:


Just finishing watching it now, could be some fatigue. Played like they’d done/would do enough to get the points and couldn’t switch it on once the first goal to Wolves came.


Still look dodgey at the back but players atleast having a dip now and have scored 3 with some pretty decent football.


Make that 4… a top 4.

… which I’m starting to think we’re a good chance to get back into.

Ooooh, … and so almost a 5th to Pogba


Who gives a ■■■■! We never walk alone baby.


Pogba has copped some shitt, even from me a couple of times,… but you wouldn’t have any complaints if he played like that every game.

He’s caught fire now his adversary has departed. Hopefully he goes from strength to strength on the back of that performance.


Hard to tell how we are going.

We have scored well and played better, but it is also the honeymoon period and we have played 3 average teams as well.


I just keep tyring to convince myself we’ll ■■■■ it up but the ■■■■■ keep winning and that gets harder!


This is the best Reds team for sometime, looking dangerous everywhere!


@anastasios1979 you’ve even got this pelican scotty21 coming out of the woodwork.


Great to see us playing fast attacking football again.

Props to pogba I have got stuck into him but he has really shown his talent in the last few games


we are looking pretty good everywhere.

After watching the gunners game, the only concern I have at the moment is Robertson being caught out of position to far up field and the space in behind.

When teams were targeting TAA you can see henderson/fab playing more out that way to cover. Up until now Milner has been assisting well on the left, bt with him out of the team we don’t have another player that can help in the same way (on the left).

Will be interesting to see what Klopp does, Robertson’s runs down the left are vital so I doubt he will curtail them, but what other option is there?

The City game will be telling, Sterling has been in form and with him running at Robertson it will either allow goals out the back or Robertson stays back and we lose drive.


I’m in. :grin:


None. The ‘Scottish Braveheart’ has been excellent this campaign. He stays in for mine. The other option, Moreno, is a massive liability.


Sign me up!


For the reasons you have outlined I hope Milner is fit to play against City. No doubt we will revert to a 4-3-3 to give Robertson cover. Shaqiri off the bench to provide the change up if needed.


i’m not suggesting removing him, I’m trying to figure out how you can negate city’s opportunities exploiting the space he leaves behind him.

Sane, sterling, silva, aguero, they will love the opportunity to play in the back there.

After watching some of the City v Southampton game, it looked like City were defending in a block deep and attacking the flanks on the counter.

Their defence is shaky at best so that will be a big gamble against our front 3/4, but at the same time if more than just stones learns how to defend for a game we could be exposed.


I hope we don’t.

I hope we stick with the 4-2-3-1 but instead of playing the CMs up field have them both play a bit more reserved. I would try out Fab and hendo as the reserved CMs as they can both defend , tackle and recycle possesion.

I would change Shaq for Keita to bolster the midfield