English Premier League 2018/19


Off the post! Dayum!


Damn. How was that ball not over the line!


It was about 95% over according to the goal line tech. Good clearance from Stones. Lovren booked…


Bee’s d*ck in it.


Nice hit


Agüero scores. Good finish.


Fckkkkkkkk!!! Agüero goal at the 40 min mark.




Could’ve easily been ahead, but that’s been about the only thing we have created all half. Gone there to get a point and we are now behind. Might as well have a dig now. Can’t see that midfield 3 being kept on for much longer. Shaqiri will come on at some point to give us some verve…


Off the post, millimetres from getting over, just missing Salah’s outstretched leg… nuts.

Exciting first half.


Agüero is our nemesis at Etihad. Scores every bl*ody time. Upon reflection, I think our starting formation is failing to challenge City’s defenders, although two of them have yellow cards. Big decisions for Klopp in the 2nd half. Our midfield is struggling a bit, so I reckon we change it up.


Game of millimetres so far. How that ball didn’t go over is amazing and then for Ageuro to find room through the near post was also amazing.


Fab on for Milner. Had to happen.


Been very surprised at the lack of pressing at their centre backs when they have the ball. Especially as that was one of the keys to beating them 3 times last season…


Evener was inventive




You ripper!!


Get da fck in! Scottish Braveheart to Bobby. Goal. 1-1 at Etihad. Phew!


Klopp thought that water bottle was a katana. :joy:


That was rather odd… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: