English Premier League 2018/19


Oooohh!!! Cracker.




What a cracker!!!


Was just thinking if it stayed at 1-1 that Shaq may not come on. Expect him to be in pretty soon…


We go off the inside of one post and out, they go off the inside of the same post and in.

Not our day. Still a long way to go in this race.


Sané has looked dangerous all match. Come on, Reds, dig deep.


Take Mane off, aside from the shot that hit the post he’s been pretty poor…


Certainly been an entertaining watch.


Massive from Alisson there. Could’ve been 3-1. Had some annoying half-chances there before the counter…


Sturridge on, Gini off. All or nothing here…


How’d he miss that?


Liverpool v lucky to not be down 3 - 1


Playing the Comp leaders lifted MC out of their form slump & back into contention. They can build for the back half off that one.


Liverpool could’ve been 10 points clear with a win and now only lead by 4. Is this the beginning of the great Liverpool choke?


Oh well. Still 4 points clear, disappointing we didn’t have a bit more of a go but no shame to lose to the Champions at home. Bit of luck and we may have got a point and even won.


As much as I’d love it to be so I very much doubt it. First loss for the season and with a bit of luck still could have got something out of this one. They won’t drop too many more games IMO


I thought they played well, just were a bit unlucky.

For all of man city’s money and talent they were in full panic mode for the last 7 or so minutes. They couldn’t even keep the ball

If Liverpool had of drawn that, it would of broken city

Liverpool can also count themselves unlucky that kompany wasn’t sent off for his first half lunge. Seen that given as a straight red plenty of times


Liverpool have been on the right end of luck all year with Sturridge against Chelsea, Mahrez missing the penalty and Pickford in the derby…something had to go against them at some point.


Well, that sucked. Close match, but City capitalised on their chances. Well-played.

Reality check.

Oh, and Lovren is fortunate that his multiple mistakes never resulted in goals.

Went in with a defensive frame of mind & never applied enough pressure on their defense.


Be good to have Gomez back quick smart to provide some extra confidence down back. 4 points up with 17 to play. Other than United away the only matches left against the top 6 are Chelsea and Spurs at Anfield. Destiny is certainly in our hands. Fingers crossed today is used as motivation to drive the team towards the ultimate success.