English Premier League 2018/19


I’m just breaking some balls, they did play well and I cant see them losing too many more games if any tbh


Klopp is a ripper. “If somebody would have told me that after both games against Man City this season that we’d be four points ahead at the top - I’d have paid for that!”


Gives some ripping interviews that bloke. Put it behind us and get on with it. BTW, was it only me or did anyone else think that Mane looked tired? Rarely saw him make one of his trademark runs at their defense. Might be worth benching him for the Wolves match and starting with Shaq.


The team for the FA Cup tie with Wolves will be much changed. I think they won’t be bothered if we get beaten, all about the league and CL…


Hopefully, he will rest most of them.


Watched it earlier today.
Great game.

My thoughts afterward are that I can’t see either of those teams standing in the way of us winning the title.
Expecting us to go through undefeated now and both Liverpool and City to drop multiple points on the way home.

Going to be great - it’s been a long time between drinks for us.


I agree that Mane wasn’t at his best but he was a post width off giving us the lead. Think they closed down our space well which made it harder to get those free runs into space. Salah also wasn’t great given his lack of freedom.


11mm away from a point. Unlucky.


That’s really a bit of a silly question. They were playing at City. City won the League last year by a street and they’re still that same team. They’ve had a bit of a form slump which they’ve snapped out of.

The Premier League this season will be a fight.




If you bothered to read my last post you would’ve seen that I was just taking the ■■■■


Great to see Santi Cazorla score a double against Real Madrid overnight.

I didn’t think he would ever make it back on the pitch after all the injuries he had.

Just a beautiful player to watch.


Who’s he playing for?




If you have a spare 5 minutes you should read the details on Cazorla’s injuries over the past 3-4 years to appreciate what he went through to get back on the pitch.

There was a point in his comeback that it looked like he may never walk again let alone play football.



I’m just trying to wrap my head around how you’d pronounce the physio’s name - Juancar.


If he’s Spanish, H-waan-car.


my enjoyment of watching soccer will increase exponentially when united get rid of fellaini.


How the fk in this day and age is there no television coverage of the FA cup in Australia. Got that many fkn providers these days broadcasting absolute obsecure ■■■■ yet not the fa cup.

We’ve gone back 15 years to the early 2000’s, when I’d have to wait for a Sky news UK bulletin on foxtel on the Sunday just to get highlights of the rounds goals.


Worst is you pay for foxtel, whereas I watch Sky News on free to air.