English Premier League 2018/19



You’re a real uancar, then.



Loved the signs showed by tahith chong, reckon hes a player, but the one im most excited for is angel gomes, that kid can play.


after Alexis briefly sat in the manager’s chair last night.


I flicked through all of Foxtel and thought I was missing it, couldn’t believe it wasn’t shown on any channels




It’s been on ESPN in the past, even when EPL was on Fox.


Just finished watching the replay.

Highlights, … seeing Chong get a run, and using his pace and tricks. (Yellow he got was a fkn joke :roll_eyes: )

My boy Rashford going Titz up.

Jaakkola’s save on Pereira’s belter.

Ole Gunnar becoming the 1st Manager in Man U history to win his 1st 5 games in all Comps.


Un pajero.

Not sure Spanish pronunciation includes a sound for banker…or other words that rhyme with it. They don’t do diphthongs…except when a ‘u’ follows a ‘g’, and that just changes the pronunciation of the ‘g’.


Don’t worry scousers, only good sides win the treble :sunglasses:

Unfortunately the FA Cup doesn’t have the prestige it once did and who could blame Liverpool for prioritising the league and CL


And of course we get “drawn” at Arsenal


No that we’ve dropped out of the Cup, we can fully concerntrate on not winning the League at the last minute.


Strange that - guess the “regular cash payment” to the FA by Man Utd must have been missed this time.


Worst thing out of this morning is that Lovren was subbed off after 5 mins with a hamstring injury. He joints Matip and Gomez on the sidelines, with VVD our only fit senior CB. Means either playing someone out of position (Fabinho started with Lovren in the middle, did quite well apparently), or playing a kid. We had a 16 year old lad come on and make his first team debut and he looked good by all reports. Would’ve been nice to get through but bigger fish to fry as Ace said.


It would be nice if there another Van Dijk we could spend up on to support him. Although Gomez is clearly this player when fit.


I can’t believe arsenal got drawn a hard opponent, still got home draw through.

Must have only warmed up half the balls.




Lovely dive by Harry Kane this morning to win a penalty, which he converted, to see Spurs past Chelsea 1-0 in the Carabao Cup semi-final.


Surprised he played TBH. Wonder if they will risk him in the second leg


Maybe Spurs think they can win a trophy.