English Premier League 2018/19


Pretty ■■■■■■■ blatant penalty there.

I can imagine the screams of prejudice if a Liverpool player had been denied a penalty.

And if it was a Man U player denied in Ol’ Bacon Face’s time…oh, who am I kidding?


It was a penalty - Get ■■■■■■ if you think it wasn’t.

We were very lucky to win though - Thought Chelsea played the better stuff.


Remember Burton have the second leg at home so don’t rule them out yet.
Going to be tough now though.


Yeah, really need to score early. If they can score 8 by HT then they’re a real shot.


That’s a big get for juventus on a free.

They have a very good player on their hands.


Don’t really rate him but it’s on a free so meh.
Not sure where he fits into the system though


How’s Emre Can going at Juve?


Played ok early on in the season then missed about a month with injury. Struggled a bit his first couple of games back but was in excellent form just before the winter break


Play Milner at CB, or just drag Carra out of retirement! :smirk:


It will be Fabinho. Bring back Ragnar!


Looked a pen to me, I reckon there is contact but boy he did make it pretty theatrical.


Pretty dull opening half between West Ham and Arsenal. West Ham probably with the better chances.

Hopefully Arsenal can bounce out in the second half and put a couple in The net.

Would take a one nil victory at this stage because there looks very little cohesion.





Hammers lead the Gunners 1-0.


Arsenal going through the motions.

We will lose this 2-0


London Derby bragging rights to the Hammers. 1-0.

35 mins away from Brighton vs Liverpool. Fabinho to start at CB most likely. Go the Reds!


That’s Arsenal’s top chances done.

Might as well concentrate on Europe now.

Hopefully Emery rewards the kids that have been playing in Europa League and continues to play them.

They look better than the first team.




Have always loved The Hammers.


Don’t worry personally I think United will beat us tomorrow night.
We’ve played way too many games lately and look jaded especially in 2nd halves.
Sonny Boy leaves us for The Asia Cup after tomorrow’s game.
He will be missed.