English Premier League 2018/19


Reds need to capitalise on their dominant possession here. TAA moving gingerly. Hearing that something happened in the warm-up. May need to sub him for Milner. Brighton defending well.


Mo converts his PK, after being scragged. Reds up 1-0.


Hard work, but bank those 3 points & cheer for Wolves to beat City.

Reds 1-0 over Brighton.


Fabinho a great game as a makeshift CB. Matip was on the bench so he can’t be far away, Gomez should be right to go in the next 2-3 weeks. Good to grind out a result.


Played very well, although our MF lacked spark & could have used his services. Hope the other blokes return shortly. Fab is ahead of Keita from the games I have seen.


Very important win that one. Couldn’t afford to let that one slip.


I prefer Spurs win.

Man U will be level with us if they win and they are starting to hit good form.


Haven’t played anyone



But doesn’t matter who you play if you are winning.

We are dropping points every second match at the moment and looking at our defensive issues and also the total lack of creativity in midfield we look like we could lose to anyone at the moment.

Having 3 at the back last night looked like a strange decision considering how much trouble we were having in midfield but that unfortunately is what Emery is left with due to the total lack of class we have at CB.


Yep, tonight will surely be way more telling, … and thus far at least, they’re in this up to their nose hairs.


And as I posted, Rash dobs our 1st!! :stuck_out_tongue:

1 - zip

Half Time.


Decent ball from Pogba and good finish from Rashford.


Nice positioning there from Pogba, for the header… haven’t been seeing that for a while…


And very nearly in again, … he’s switched on tonight.


This is great to watch. Playing very good football.

And thank fk for De Gea.


De Gea is is keeping United in this in my opinion. Spurs should have 2 or 3.


Wouldn’t say should, but certainly could have been, … if not for De Gea.

And it’s nearly all been with his feet!!


I say “should” as several shots have been straight at the keeper, when they’d only need to put the ball 2-3 feet to either side.


Parked the bus with De Gea at the wheel, holding on for dear life, …

Come the fk on you Devils!!



Great game. Solid win.

Look out Top 4. We’re coming.