English Premier League 2018/19


Lucky to get away without letting at least 1 in, . & that the clock ran out, it was coming.


I will watch Arsenal Fan TV tonight.


Even though I’m a gunners fan I get enjoyment out of Arsenal TV after a loss. They lose their ■■■■.

We so need an Essendon version.

Would love Nino to host it.


Who would be DT, Claude and Ty?


Few characters on here that could do the job :grinning:

I think it would get an audience too


Could be a tricky game for Liverpool.

WHU are looking ok early.


Mane scores

Linesman missed that offside


Antonio equalises from a set piece. West Ham playing well. S if we need any more injuries, but Hendo and Gini out tonight adding to Gomez, Lovren and Trent on the sidelines.


We are absolutely cooked at set pieces.


The way we are defending set pieces right now, it’s ripe for Pell to bring on Andy Carroll in the final 10 minutes and to just pump it up to him. The defence looks much poorer without Gomez (even Lovren) and Trent at RB. Klopp should never have let Clyne go out on loan, he’s a solid PL right back who would do the job right now, and with Gini/Hendo out you can play Milner in the centre. Lacking a bit of muscle in midfield…


All square. West Ham played well, but 2 draws in a row is not ideal. Gap now 3 points. Must re-group for Bournemouth at home, then the home CL tie v Bayern and United away.


Congratulations Manchester City.


Glad its tightening up. I prefer an exciting finish. Hopefully it tightens up even further and Tottenham can join the mix, although I think they are no chance for the title.


The spirit of Stevie slipper Gerrard lives on.


Man City have hardly been in good form and they don’t play Liverpool again so Man City have to rely on everyone else while not dropping points themselves.


Liverpool are officially beginning to ■■■■ the bed, proof in the pudding this result.

Injury ravaged West ham who can’t defend especially at home and the only goal Liverpool could muster was offside.


Just a lull. But surely some of the comments that are being attributed to Klopp are just people taking the ■■■■?

He didn’t actually complain about the refs did he?


What Klopp did say was that the ref probably knew that the Mane goal was offside, so in order to “square up” for that mistake he didn’t give any marginal calls in our favour for the remainder of the game. He could’ve just referred to the previous game where Maguire should’ve been sent off, wasn’t, then proceeded to score the equaliser whilst a stonewall penalty shout was denied in the 2nd half. Anyway it changes little, just haven’t played well enough and to be frank not losing either game is something on a minor miracle. Forget about what’s gone, focus on what’s ahead, some massive fixtures coming up and all to play for!


Liverpool in 2019:

Loss to City 1-2
Loss to Wolves 1-2 (FA Cup)
Win over Brighton 1-0
Win over Palace 4-3
Draw v Leicester 1-1
Draw v West Ham 1-1


WHU supporters a little filthy after this mornings result :joy: