EPL 2017/18 Thread


Talk he has already told the club he is leaving


Hopefully he intentionally loses the FA cup


Jose’s right hand man Rui Faria is leaving us and was linked to the Arsenal job as well, he is highly regarded in the industry.

Would be better than Arteta.


also an absolute psycho




Looks like the kind of guy who would knife you if you even said hello to him


Fulham though to the play-off final with a 2-0 win over Derby County, overcoming a 1-0 deficit after the 1st leg.


And broke a 43 year drought of having not played at Wembley which was the longest of any club across the 4 divisions


rui faria apparently going to benfica.


Not exactly shocking news but it looks like Big Sam will get the boot at Everton. Did his job in keeping them safe from relegation, but his rubbish football clearly not gone down well with Toffees fans. Marco Silva apparently the frontrunner…


Sessegnon involved in both goals again


If Fulham get promoted he will probably stay there, but he is hot property and most, if not all, the big PL clubs will be after him. Still only 17-18, wouldn’t surprise if he gets bought and sent back to Fulham on loan for the season…


Him, Maddison and Neves were probably the very best this year in the champ and are all very young. Amazing really.


Aston Villa through to play Fulham at Wembley.


Not at Anfield. Think they went unbeaten there this entire EPL campaign. Away & I would have been slightly worried. They missed a glaring penalty against Salah early, however, he still scored & took out the GB award & top scorer (ever) title. What a signing he has proven to be. Now, then, we turn our attention to the CL.



I want Allegri.


I would be happy with him.

Anybody but Arteta.

I’m still bitter that Wenger had guys like Arteta and Mertesacker as captains even though they were clearly not up to it or they had significant injuries.



Arsenal can and should be doing so much better than him

Feels like they are going the cheap option


Arsenal are a business, not a football club.