EPL 2017/18 Thread


Doubt he would ever go to Arsenal. He is at loggerheads now with Juve for them being tight with the purse strings so no hope at Arsenal


Oh yeah I forgot the narrative that Arsenal don’t spend money…Ozil, Laca and Auba three successive club record transfers in less than 5 years…Xhaka for 35M Mustafi for 30M…silly me.


Allegri will want £250m spent in the first year as a minimum


Would not get that at many places I would suggest.


Only Madrid, city, and maybe Chelsea will give him that much


They need a new #1 goalie, a top-class central defender and a commanding central midfielder at a minimum. That’s probably about £150 Million worth right there, anything more and you’re looking at filling some holes within the squad. The have to go all-in this summer otherwise I can see them continuing to fall further adrift from the top 4 clubs. Who they appoint as the manager will tell you a lot about how they’ll go about it…


He Wouldn’t ask that at many places but that’s what Arsenal need to spend to get back around the mark. He is driven by CL football and would want to be in it ASAP so will need to spend big initially. He has just won his the league again with Juve and is demanding a huge transfer kitty to stay.
I personally don’t think he would last a season in the EPL as he is a defence first manager and even the Juve fans get stuck into him for his boring style


Fair points.


I don’t want Rogers, I would possibly prefer Arteta to Mancini (over Rogers) too.


Big Sam sacked by Everton. Their statement said he’s “left the position” but in the same breath say that the decision was made to go with a new manager next season. Don’t reckon he will be too bothered, he’d be canny enough to have known what was likely to happen eventually. Get a nice payout, sit back and wait for the next relegation rescue job to pop up by October/November…


hit up ibiza, accept a few bribes, save another ■■■■ club.


You’d prefer an untried Manager over someone who has actually won a PL title? I also think Rodgers would be far better 2nd time around, at least he has won some trophies at Celtic (although Scottish football is an absolute joke). Arteta is a massive risk. I reckon he’d be the Moyes/Hodgson equivalent for Arsenal, and not by his doing. It would be highly irresponsible to appoint someone with no managerial experience to a club the size of Arsenal…


I do think he would be better second time around. I am not sure I really rate him. I get he was a slip away from winning the EPL.

Trophies in Scotland that are won by the green and white shyte or Rangers don’t really count. One at Rangers in the last 4 or so years would be akin to winning at any non old-firm SPL side (Makes Fergie at Aberdeen in the 80’s achievements even greater). Rangers and cultic are pretty much locked in to win 90% of the trophies available over multiple years, especially when Rangers are back in business.

What makes Arteta different to Moyes and Hodgson (and Matty Knights for that matter) in my opinion is that he has some experience with the club.

Thanks for your concern though, Smooth.


hah! even west ham got rid of moyes.


It’s perfect timing. Moyes now free to take me Arsenal job!


ArsenalFanTv would rejoice


Put money on West Ham getting relegated.

Under these penny pinching owners the only managers with a chance of keeping this crap up is guys like Moyes, fat sam or Pulis and we’re not going down that path again.

Would love Benitez but it would be a side way step for him, not a promotion.


Arsenal should make a play for rafa. He knows the lge and has had experience in managing a big club. Give him some cash and I reckon he could do pretty well.

What he has done with Newcastle on a nothing budget is remarkable

Arsenal need a big personality and name to take over from Wenger. If they go down the inexperienced/ cheap route like we did with Moyes they are just asking for trouble


Rafa wouldn’t be an appointment that would get Arsenal fans excited. He would be seen as a step down because he’s managed Newcastle, plus outside of Liverpool his record at the “big” clubs he has managed isn’t great, namely Real Madrid and Inter. You could count Chelsea but he was a caretaker manager in his time there. Newcastle for me is the best fit in terms of a project. If he gets the finances I can see him making them a top six club. He’s idolised up there too. He moves to Arsenal I think there’s so many agendas there and you’d have the Wenger lovers in the media who would try and undermine him. It wouldn’t take too much to put him under pressure, 2-3 losses in a row or a North London derby defeat. Plus as he is a more pragmatic manager the style of football argument would be raised even if he is getting results.


The thing with Arsenal is that beggars can’t be choosers.

They’ll be lucky to find an adequate replacement straight away and will most likely go through a couple of managers before they find the right one for them.

The Gunners are in a similar position to where we were when SAF left. A bloke that had been there for so long that it was almost an entirely different club without him there.

They are going to have a huge squad turnover in the next 2-3 seasons until they find the right mix and put themselves into a position to challenge for the top 4 consistently again.

The major difference between United and Arsenal is the owners. As soon as the Glaziers saw what not being in the CL did to the club/supporters/revenue streams (most important to them) they immediately thought: “Yeah. We better pull our finger out here to ensure we don’t fall any further and venture into obscurity.” And to their credit they have continued to do that and came to the realisation that to continue to be a dominant force in European football, you have to match the spending of the other big teams and continue to bring in the best talent because if you don’t then other teams will and leave you behind.

Will Arsenal do this? I honestly don’t know, I hope for Arsenal fans sake that they do but I’d say it is more unlikely than likely at this stage.

Like others have alluded to, who they bring in as Manager may be a fair indication of how they intend to proceed.