EPL 2017/18 Thread


Yeah. We dominated play but couldn’t find the back of the net. West Ham had a couple of decent chances aswell but the only real passion for the day was a scuffle towards the end where Nolan should of been sent off


Think it was Noble who grabbed Pogba by the throat? next season we really need to fix up our finishing. Have wasted so many chances this season


Yeah was Noble, damn autocorrect


Derby lead 1-0 after the first leg over Fulham.


Chelsea and Arsenal in Europa league


Thought for sure that liverpool would bottle it against brighton but nope it was chelsea that did the bottling.


An away win!

#Merci Arsene!


First one for the year?


For the year, yes. For the season no.


Arteta now favorite to take over apparently.

Not sure what I think of that to be honest. Didn’t like him as a player.


Well it’s usually ■■■■ players that make better coaches if thats any consolation.


That is such an Arsenal move. Shows a lack of ambition. Could well be Arsenal’s Moyes/Hodgson appointment…


I would prefer Henry despite his lack of experience.

Even Vieira would be a good option but Arteta I feel will just do as the board tells him.


Why wouldn’t you actually get a proven manager?


Allegri would have been good but apparently he’s staying at Juventus.

Simeone would be the dream but doesn’t fit the Arsenal way.

Rather go with a club legend like Henry who will at least attract the best young talent in the world.
For example we probably would have Mbappe playing for us if Henry were manager.


Lol Mbappe at Arsenal? Would Arsenal even fork out the funds? Seems pretty happy at PSG and Real Madrid were also keen on him. You guys don’t have a problem up forward, it’s down back.


What is the “Arsenal way”? Pass the ball around, look pretty, can’t defend, and pick up a total of 3 points away from home post Christmas? Arsenal need cultural change, they need backbone, and Simeone can provide that. Arsenal have untold financial resources, they should be able to lure him away from Atletico even without CL football. It is a big club and it’s about time they acted like it. Might he upset precious Mesut Ozil? Probably, but he is one of the biggest frauds in football to be earning £350K a week yet he pulls sickies and refuses to play so he’s fit for the World Cup.


Yeah, the money may be an issue but young french players would most definitely want to play under Henry.

Any young player to be honest.


That pretty much summarizes it.

Tha’ts why we needed a new manager.

The fact that we haven’t invested in a good defensive midfielder says a lot about us.

We used to play Arteta deep when every other side has somebody that can tackle and support the centre backs.


So does Conte go? A 3-0 final day defeat to Newcastle when a CL spot was still mathematically up for grabs is extremely poor.