EPL 2017/18 Thread


Chelsea with the upper hand in the first 10 or so minutes.

Anyone else watching this?


Chelsea up 1-0 after that mong Jones gave away space and eventually the penalty.
Chelsea defending well, we are hardly doing anything to make them work to defend their lead


Rubbish performance so far


Cross to Sanchez, cross to lingard, cross to keeper. That’s been the plan so far.

How you can play Jones over Bailly is bewildering.


Manure have been boring so far.


Pogba missed a sitter at the death




Fk it.

Mourinho outsmarted himself.


Hopefully the last game for many, should have been booed off the pitch for dishing up that garbage


Just emphasises the fact that we can’t carry players like Jones, Smalling and Young.

They offer nothing going either way.

Especially Young, should be in the Championship.


Lol that Jones made the English squad


Hazard will destroy Jones again next month.


I couldn’t believe it when I saw that

Sucks that we couldn’t finish the season with a trophy. Reckon their will be fight a few players gone between now and the new season.

I would be amazed if guys like the below are still at the club next season. Either by their own choice or jose’s


We desperately need a new RB.CB,CM and RW

A lot of the squad is very very good, just need to plug a few holes with some quality


I would love a couple of those players at Arsenal (first two mainly), make it happen Jose!


we have players suited to a different style of play, and we continue to still get them with a coach that prefers big physical defensively minded bulldozers.


Trust an Arsenal fan to only want French players!


I am not that fussed about Pogba, overpriced but if he was at an affordable price for a club, I don’t reckon any club would knock him back.


It’d be a PR nightmare if Martial and Pogba were sold, hence they won’t be.

The only people that talk about them leaving are the gutter feeding journalists for papers such as The Daily Mail and The Mirror.

Need to seriously trim a lot of the fat out of the squad.

Some deadset plonkers stealing a living in a United shirt.


So United go the season winless in terms of trophies. City have won two and our boys are still in the hunt for arguably the biggest one. How will Jose and the supporters handle that? I see Gary Neville is of the view that Manchester will basically be a deserted city for the new few months!


with your almost 30 years of experience what do you recommend?