EPL 2017/18 Thread


To worry about now and the future. No use looking back on the past :wink:


Also I must give you credit for the quickest bite I have even received on Blitz!


Reports emerging that former PSG and Sevilla Manager Unai Emery is to be named the new Arsenal boss within the next 24-48 hours. Seems a good appointment, at Sevilla won 3 Europa League titles in succession and despite leaving PSG won the French League with them this year, so he has a track record of success. Far better option than any of the inexperienced former Arsenal players being touted.


I think if you can get a manager that PSG decided was the best choice when they hired him - it can only be a good thing.

In Europe he really he’s only lost to Barcelona when the refs gifted them that Champions League leg, and Real Madrid (who are going for 3 CL’s in a row)

Interested to see how he does. Was it Wegner or was it the players?


West Ham have appointed Manuel Pellegrini as their new manager. Won the title with City in 13/14, a good get for the Hammers. His teams generally play attractive football. Will be interested to see what money will be available for new signings…



And signing YAYA?



in the hole you say?


Emery officially named as Arsenal boss.

I am more comfortable with this appointment, I wanted Allegri but from the limited study I have done Emery looks like the best of the likely candidates. I would have been ok with Arteta, but I prefer to have someone with experience. I would not have minded if Arteta was 2IC and was learning the job with a mind to taking over in a few seasons.


I’m hoping for the best. But when a club has been run for 20+ years by a dominant personality like Wenger (or Sheedy or Ferguson, just to name two), it usually goes through a very difficult period when he’s replaced. It would be great if Arsenal could be the exception.


No it would be the complete opposite to great.


If this doesnt prep you for the world cup and bring back memories of your youth then you’re an old c-nt.

Or too young.


Club > country


Fantasy World Cup around 10 or 11pm before the days games would start.


That’s awesome!


Love seeing who elevated themselves to super stardom



Waka waka


United have apparently agreed a deal with Shaktar for Fred around £44m.

Reported by Di Marzio.

Great signing if true.