EPL 2017/18 Thread


I know that shirt numbers aren't the be-all end-all, but Salah has been given the #11 and Firmino moved to #9. I'd have thought whoever would be our "marquee" striker signing would've been given that shirt...


He might be partial to the 17, has it at dortmund.


Didn't think he and Klopp got along.
I read on another LFC forum that he didn't like being played out of position in his time at Dortmund..


I thought that was henrikh, absolutely hated the gegenpress.


From my understanding it was Aubameyang.
Lewandowski played as striker and Aubameyang on the wing and hated it..


Probably, klopp seems a manager you either love or hate as a player (much like mourinho).


Besides him, I don't know anyone who dislikes Klopp..
Klopp seems like the dad everyone wants..


Maybe its because he hasn't had many 'stars' and is a prolific over achiever with his teams. But he seems to get many 'average' players to buy into his gegenpress which is 90% tactical frenetic running and it works.


He wouldn't be on the wing if he gets to Anfield. We need an out and out striker up the middle so the position is all his.


Fabinho really wants to go to utd.

twice in the last week hes brought us up. get it done ed.

probably won't happen with monaco and chelsea having an agreement relating to bakayoko..


I'd love to have him, he reminds me of a fit and firing Sturridge, great finisher.
It's what Liverpool are missing and can kick 20 plus in the league..


We've put in a bid for Fabinho according to Di Marzio.

get it done eddy.


Liverpool cleared of any wrongdoing over their dealings with Van Dijk. This might reignite interest in signing him. Chelsea apparently looking to make a bid too, but it seems VVD still has his heart set on a move to Anfield. We are still looking at Naby Keita from RB Leipzig and that Mbappe kid we are supposedly looking at putting a bid in. 100 Mil+ for an 18-year old sounds like sheer madness to me, having never seen him play I can't say one way or another whether he would be worth that lofty tag...


I too think it is madness that we could even bid a reported 88 Mill that was rejected for him.


Mbappe is good, but you're paying for a potential 10+ year player. He is a quintessential one (half) season wonder.


Staggering. I see that he might be holding out for Real Madrid, but what good will he be sitting on the bench? Still have C-Ron, Bale, etc. He's better off going to an Arsenal or Liverpool where you know the manager is good working with young players and will give him games. If he kills it for 3-4 years there and is world-class then make the move to a RM or Barca....


I think a lot of reputable news outlets are reporting Real buys him then loans back to monaco.

Honestly though, he should stay at monaco for 3-4 years. A lot of these young players get massive heads and go for these extraordinary transfers and do sweet ■■■■ all. Renato Sanches at bayern is one.

But it looks like the premier league top 6 are going all out to bolster their team (except arsenal).

I'd personally be ecstatic if we ended up with lindeloff, morato, fabinho and matic.


Even if he was the next Thierry Henry I would not want us to pay 100 million pounds for him. Potential yes but I would not want us to blow that money on a kid.


And with your current owners you never will. will cost them earning money too much.


I would usually agree but supposedly we bid 87 or 88 mill though. That is more than twice our record purchase.